Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank God for Kids

The Video is here of the Oak Ridge Boys... Thank God For Kids...

"We'd all live in a quiet house... without Big Bird or a Mickey Mouse, koolaid on the couch, thank God for kids"

Isn't that the truth? Isn't it amazing the amount of joy we can have in our lives BECAUSE of kids and the imagination they have? Watching them play and enjoy life... learn and grow. To watch them ENJOY their childhood... it's a blessing.

Then, the high priestess herself, Oprah (just kidding, I really do like her MOST of the time) goes to visit a place where they believe that playing is goofing off. That play is not fun. These kids have never heard of Shrek, Cinderella or Humpty Dumpty. They don't allow the children to read fiction because it has no purpose. They don't teach the children that man has walked on the moon. ??? These kids ... are so pathetic BECAUSE of the extremes that the adults who are around them go to in order to prohibit creativity and imagination. How SAD IS THAT?

Oprah visited the children from the Mt. Zion sect that was raided... these kids... obviously need prayers.

The video of Oprah's visit is here

I know we live in a free country but man... you'd think they could do something to help these kids. What a buncha loonies!

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