Monday, July 6, 2009

So freakin' irritated my evening last night was like this.... it's a big day for both boys... you need to get to bed early. Shower/bath and ready for bed. Josh is excited... he comes down to tell me he's already all packed up with his swimsuit, waterbottle, deodorant, hair brush, towel (has a triathlon class), and I said we'd need to get him a couple of snacks and $5 for lunch. I'd give him his schedule and map tomorrow. He goes to bed at **shocker** eight o'clock. I was like??? you don't HAVE to go to bed this early. He's like... I need a good night sleep to get up so early tomorrow. Who is going to argue with THAT logic? Not me!

Drew, get him down... he knows he needs to be asleep since he was up til midnight on the 4th.

9:00 p.m. Josh is back down to tell me he can't sleep and that he thinks he needs his clock back in his room so that he can make sure he's up in time in the morning. I tell him my alarm works fine and to go to sleep. But "I can't sleep" and I'm like??? what do you want ME to do about it? Go try. I tell him he's just excited, it's just nerves... go to bed. Period.

10:15 p.m. Josh is back... "I've tried to go to sleep and I can't." Josh, do something calming and go to sleep. I don't know what you want ME to do about it? You're not going to watch tv or play on the computer so go to bed.

11:15 p.m. Drew is in my room, "My bed is wet." I ask, "Why?" He replies, "Because I spilled my water." I go up stairs to strip and change his bed. I'm at the top of the stairs and here comes Josh again. Without waiting for anything, I reply, "GO TO BED!" In Drew's room to change his sheets, he spilled an entire cup of water in his bed trying to get a drink while he was asleep. I can tell at least HE was asleep and was awoken suddenly due to the puffy, sleepy eyes he had. UGH! Get his bed changed and he crawls back in and rolls over and is happy to be in bed.

11:50 p.m. Josh is BACK IN MY FREAKIN ROOM to tell me he can't sleep. I said in a rather unpleasant tone -- ??? at this point I don't care -- "And what do you want ME TO DO ABOUT IT? I'm not giving you sleeping meds. You're not watching television or playing on the computer so WHAT am I supposed to do? Why are you telling me ???? I have told you four times taht there is nothing I can do about the excitement and nerves other than to tell you to TRY TO GO TO SLEEP." He's irritated and walks back upstairs.

I set my alarm for 6:15 am. He's at my bedside this freakin morning waking me up at 6:13 am completely freakin dressed as if I forgot something. So, I wake up and am already beyond irritated. HE's just literally pissed me off now. I know he's excited but this crap really just irritates the snot out of me. He's NEVER missed anything becuase I slept in or shut of my alarm... NEVER MISSED ANYTHING. I know he's excited but dude... chill the frick out!

I get up and make breakfast... leave the house at 7:25 to pick up Jackson whom we are carpooling with. Drive to College for Kids and they're nearly late because the area we chose as a drop-off point has no light... We wait about 15 minutes in traffic to just turn into the college. It's ridiculous. They really need someone directing traffic there. A freakin madhouse is a good way to describe it.

So I take them, come home and shower, get dressed because today is supposed to be MY orientation as well (at 10am). I can't register for ANY classes until I take this stupid freakin orientation class. Why? I have no idea... I'm not a freakin kid. I know where to go for questions but it's protocol for their school. I wake up Drew and get him fed. All he wants to eat is toast and he won't eat quickly. He has swimming lessons at 9:30 - 10 so I coordinated with another mom that I know that has a kiddo in swimming lessons with Drew to drop Drew off at her house, they'll go to swimming lessons and then see Ice Age 3 and then lunch and then home. She's doing this as a favor to me so I can go to the orientation and not have to worry about him being taken care of. Monday was the FIRST available orientation class they had.

I get Drew dropped off about 9:15 am and remember I forgot my paperwork at home that had my id number and stuff on it so I stop by the house but ... nature calls so I make a pit stop. I get in the area where the orientation class is at 10:02.... they've shut the doors and won't let anyone else in.

I'm sorry but WTF man... I've done everything I can humanly possible to be there... and the next orientation class... is THURSDAY at 10am. :( I'm sure the exact same freakin thing that happened to me last time is going to happen this time... all the classes I need are going to be completely booked up and I'll be left with nothing ... AGAIN... YES...this has already happened! If that happens, they can kiss my happy ass... I'll just finish up via Texas Tech online... I'm not a newly graduated high school kid that sleeps late and doesn't care... I did every freakin thing I possibly could to be there... You can't tell me that they said ANYTHING even REMOTELY important in the 2 minutes I missed. I'm just irritated. Freakin a-holes.

That and I didn't get good sleep last night... so I'm automatically bitchy...

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