Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time on my hands

I actually have time on my hands right now and I have no idea what to do. I really have so much I need to do and WANT to do but I dont know where to even start! Isn't that crazy!

I'm looking at my desk... i have trash to throw away, dishes to take to the dishwasher, a Webelos schedule to plan, our days to organize/plan, a Disney World book I got from, to figure out why I haven't received child support in 2 months, to make a dental appointment, to plan for upcoming holidays - activities for the kids, to figure out what gifts I want to make for presents this Christmas, to get a hair appointment to get highlights or a cut or something -- this mop's gotta go, to get running again, to purchase my books for the fall semester, to clean my house, to work, TO SCRAPBOOK... lots of things...

what to do first? Maybe I'll take a nap. ha ha..

1 comment:

Amooretto said...

deal with the ex, then do your dishes, then SCRAP!!! LOL that's what I would do. I think you should just sit back and relax the EXTRA time you have b/c you need to soak it in. Don't get that all the time! ;)