Friday, July 3, 2009

The Next Food Network Star

Ok, I know everyone has someone that has had his/her "15 minutes of fame" and I'm not one to be speaking as I've been on a show, too. However, I'm SO PROUD of my friend Melissa d'Arabian! She's a finalist on The Next Food Network Star! She was on the Rachel Ray show! I'm so excited for her! I LOVE the fact that she has the potential to bring MOM COOKING to the forefront! We have ENOUGH cooking shows with professional chefs. We NEED someone that can truly KEEP IT FREAKIN REAL!!! Food Network, are you hearing me?

Check her out HERE! I am so extremely, very proud of her!

I met Melissa several years ago when we were both involved at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and we just clicked! I remember telling her that I knew I liked her instantly because I'd never met a person that could talk faster than me! :)

AND...there are several conspiracy theories about her right now! See, they film the show and then everyone comes home and then the series starts. Well, as soon as she came home, they put their house on the market to move to Seattle! Hmm.... she said it was for her husband's work. I'm wondering... HMMMM.... did she make it? IS SHE the next Food Network Star?! I hope so! That'd be awesome and she SO deserves it! She's fun and real and just a supa-dupa person!


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