Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm not a big fan of traffic. That being said, I don't know who is. With some good music, I can tolerate it at best but I have huge pet peeves associated with it. . . For instance, when you see a sign that say "LEFT LANE ENDS 500 FEET" and the people just blow through like they're going to drive on forever in that lane, oblivious to the sign... only to then act completely beligerant when you -- who got over into the middle lane when you saw the sign -- don't want to let them over. They try to merge INTO you and act like it's YOUR fault? What's up with that?

Or, people that are busy on the phone texting or whatever and miss the "turn on green arrow only" at an EXTREMELY long light. You're 3rd in line... the car in front of you doesn't honk and by the tiem you realize it... it doesn't really matter b/c you're stuck there again. The car runs the "yellow" and turns left... now you're 2nd in line. And the freakin car in front of you DOES THE SAME STINKIN THING?! HELLO PEOPLE...

I also get bugged by the idiots that are in oncoming traffic. They are, for instance, headed south; you're headed north. You're turning right (east) and they're turning left (east). IF you turn when they turn, chances are, they'll honk at you like you've done something wrong? They don't realize that THEY ARE REQUIRED to take the FIRST AVAILABLE if we are both turning onto a 3 lane road, they take the far left lane, I take the far right lane and the middle lane stays free. I guess being a mind-reader and assuming that I know that they want to be in the far RIGHT lane (MY LANE) makes me in the wrong? I just don't understand it... this happens at least once a week. LEt them hit me... it'd be an inconvenience but they'd realize soon enough they're WRONG!

I think people should have to retake a driving test every 10 years (not the driving portion, but the written one). And... older folks seriously... once you hit 60... every 10 years, retake the DRIVING portion of the test. Yikes... the older these little Texan grannies get, the worse their eyesight and the bigger their cars.

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Sheri said...

You and my daughter must have been separated at birth...she loathes the dorky drivers out there, as well-she gets so annoyed...and usually, rightly so. I don't understand what people are thinking when they fail to drive accordingly. You would hate driving in the DC/Arlington area-so do avoid it, those people have no clue as to how to drive! OK, maybe some do, but most of them just pull out in front of ya like nobody's business, do the ole lane is ending but I will speed pass you and then get torked cuz you won't let me in, and all sorts of stuff like that. You are so not alone in your thoughts! LOL