Saturday, July 18, 2009

Major milestone last night

Drew had a major milestone last night -- he had his first sleepover. He also ate his first inedible object. :) But let's focus on the fun aspect of the night. His little bud from across the street came over to share some pizza and a slumber party. It is a first for both them. Look how much fun they were having.

D's first sleepover

But during all the fun, D came running downstairs in a complete panic. I figured it was a tattle-tale session. It was anything BUT! Bless his poor little heart; he swallowed a round metal ball. One of the metal balls from those toy sets called Magnetix. He'd nearly choked on one as a toddler. He'd been told multiple times NOT to put things in his mouth. Apparently, he had to learn things the hard way (why do I see this as becoming a constant with this child?) hee hee.

He was TERRIFIED they were going to have to cut him open to get the ball out. I called our doctor's office and spoke with the nurse on duty. Since it was round and not a magnet and he only ingested one, he should just pass it. We, however, have to go excavating for this ball in every BM this child has... um... EWWW!

I guess the good thing is that I'm going out of town tonight so Drew's grandmother is on poo duty.... poo doodie... you choose! LOL...

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