Thursday, July 23, 2009


Several of the blogs that I love to follow are all part of a growing trend called "Tablescape Tuesday." It's a real thing, trust me. OK... I'll wait while you go Google it.

... ok? You back?

... Hellllllllooooo?? Yeah... you got sucked in looking at all the pretty pictures, too, huh?

(here's one in case you didn't Google it yourself... Click HERE

Yeah, well, that's my point. People set these (sometimes) beautiful table settings. But... I want to know, for what? If you participate every week... what do you do with all those freakin' dishes, cups, display pieces, serving pieces, decorations? Where are you storing all this stuff? Are you truly just setting a pretty table JUST TO SET A PRETTY TABLE?

Call me crazy, but, wow, I'd rather find another hobby. I appreciate it and all but... no thanks. I don't know if I ever even HAVE a gathering WORTHY of a "tablescape" because I like to keep things less formal and just fun. Maybe I'm just weird but it seems like there's lots more important things to do than search for stuff to put on a table just to take a picture?

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Amooretto said...

I didn't google it b/c I already knew what it was about. I love watching Sandra Lee on that FoodNetwork show of hers...I just would need another room for all those plates, cups, centerpieces, etc. And I thought scrapbooking was expensive! LOL

I love to entertain though, but like I said...need another room!