Thursday, July 23, 2009

The thing about eating lots more veggies

... is that your veggie drawer in the fridge is FULL of all those stupid plastic baggies. I hate having to get them but when you buy as many veggies as I do, it's a necessity to keep them in one location in your cart. I swear, when I open that drawer, it's like a drawer of baggies. LOL


chksngr said...

Ok...ummm...this is kind of a weird thing to be irritated by...BUT I have a solution for you!!! Grow your own!!! Then you can have dirty fingernails and knees instead of a drawer full of baggies!!! tee hee!

Amooretto said...

i don't buy that much in veggies, but we do buy a TON of fruit! For our veggies, I usually buy frozen unless its a salad or we're grilling the veggies