Sunday, July 19, 2009

A night away

I spent Saturday evening in the company of strangers at my beloved's 20-year high school reunion. You know, inasmuch as I feel that it is probably a great thing to WANT TO include spouses, I can't imagine that any of them really want to be there unless they're already acquainted with friends from the school. I mean, I enjoyed saying hi to new people but superficial conversations just to avoid awkward silence bores me. I'm sure he was sick of saying, "...and this is my wife, April" almost as much as I was bored of the forced smiles and actually trying to look like I wanted to be there. He felt bad leaving me at a table to mingle and I felt bad trailing around like a lost puppy behind him so I didn't. I mean, yes, I did go out of obligation because he wanted me there but it's full of memories and people that I was, nor will ever be, a part of so why make me go?

One of his friends that I had met on one previous occasion was there with his wife. They are from Frisco. Nice couple. He graduated with Andy and she graduated with a class of 1600 from Plano. She and I share the same mind-set as far as reunions go... neither of us ever care to attend any more of ours. I will not go to my 20 year high school reunion in 2 years. Just because I shared air space with someone for four years doesn't make them my friend anymore than me walking down the produce aisle of the local Albertson's makes me a kiwi fruit. Would it be nice to catch up? I suppose, but you can do that over Facebook or Twitter. Neither of which I participate in/on. I just feel that if someone wanted to be my friend, they would be still... not because of a looming reunion. Andy says it's because he went to a smaller school, the friendships are more close-knit than at bigger schools with 400+ in the graduating class. I can't imagine a class reunion of 1600 people (like the wife from Plano). That's crazy man.

Honestly, looking back, I didn't really enjoy high school much at all. I think I was, perhaps, too analytical then as I am now and realized just how ridiculous much of it is/was. The cliques were so ... DUMB. The elitist attitudes were such a turn-off. I had to work most weekends so being involved wasn't an option. So, while a lot of people look back on their high school years with fondness, I just look back with much contempt. It was just a phase I had to go through.

One thing the 1989 reunion did have was a Powerpoint presentation of photos alumni had submitted. I thought that was neat... having photos but you started to see a trend and in much of the photos were the same group of people. My friends were mostly people that weren't in my class. In hindsight, I wish I would have had the opportunity to enjoy high school more but you can't have a do-over in life so just make the best of life now.

Once the reunion was over, we went to go check into the hotel - did I mention this was taking place in Thackerville, Oklahoma? At the Winstar Casino golf clubhouse? OH...and at the reunion... I won a door prize -- a freakin GAS GRILL? WTH? LOL. We'll sell it as we have one and ours works just fine. And to think I never win anything.

Anyhow, I digress, we left the clubhouse and went to the hotel to check in... well, actually, first we went to the hotel we THOUGHT we were to check in (the Microtel). We pulled up under the little covered valet area and I $hit you not, a freakin COCKROACH landed on the windshield... like it had just fallen out of the sky? I was sitting there (I swear I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of it... ewwwww!!!) thinking... OH HELLLL NO! I'm not staying anyplace infested with roaches.. we will drive back home! Luckily, after double checking the paperwork, we discovered were staying at the Best Western. Whew! We checked in and went to the casino.

The Winstar casino, if you've never seen it... is quite bizarre. I think of casinos and I imagine Las Vegas with grand entrances and elaborate exteriors and landscaping. This is just a bizarre building that is HUGE... with this expansive sea of concrete parking lots surrounding it. Someone told us to park on the north side as that was where the tables were (blackjack). We parked and walked in...and upon entering, you're HIT with a stench of cigarette smoke. It was absolutely disgusting. The smell was enough to give me an instant headache. We walked around looking for the group that was going to be meeting us there. It's an interesting place to people watch. Andy made the comment that he wondered how many people there were living at or below the poverty line... or on some sort of assistance. The clientele was just not what I'm used to having only been to Vegas casinos. I'm talking people walking around in flip flops, over-alls with wife-beaters on. It was BIZARRE!

We made it to about 2am, the only gambling we did was with a free $10 that the casino gave to us. Andy bet it in $1 slots and won $31 so we cashed out. LOL. I bought some Tylenol but it didn't touch the headache the DJ gave me from playing the music too loudly at the clubhouse. I drank water and watched a few people losing on 21. You have to give the house $0.50 for every hand you play -- win or lose? What kind of freakin' racket is that?

Got back to the hotel and washed my face. I HATED the though of everything I had on covered with the stench of smoke but I was too tired to shower so I set the alarm on his phone and went to bed. The bed was SO COMFORTABLE! Wow... it has been a LOOONG time since I've slept in a bed that was THAT comfortable! I may e-mail them and ask what kind of bed it was. The pillows sucked but the bed was fantastic! We woke up, I showered, he showered and we hit the road for the Cracker Barrel. Yes, I totally blew my diet this week and I don't care! :) I love the Cracker Barrell. It's my favorite place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner I think. Delicious home cooking that just reminds me of my grandma's! I'm trying to decide if the bloating i feel is my monthly "friend" or... hmm...maybe the delay is news of another Driggers? Hmmm??? I seriously SERIOUSLY doubt that but... stranger things have happened. Regardless... I ate like crap... and feel bloated about it... I'll deal with it later but for now.. I'm going to bed! Toodles!

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Amooretto said...

I dread going to my hs reunion...not friends w/ any of them the facebook thing instead. it's hard to be friends again after so many years apart.

Well...did you find out what bed it was? Probably a Serta! hahaha

it's funny you mention a new "drigger". I was just thinking about that today! Don't know why? It just popped in my head. LOL