Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Negatory for the Screamin Dingers

It was the 4th... what's a gal to do? Invitations here and there... it was quite overwhelming to decide so stick with what's safe and what we know... go to William and Pearl's shin dig.... low key, casual, real people... fun.

The food was to die for (literally, cheese, sausage, chips, sangria, sweets out the ying yang... you'd eat it all and you'd just DIE!) LOL

Then it was time for fireworks. Drew really was digging it until someone started shooting off the "screaming demons" For some reason, Drew just started calling them "screamin dingers" and he wanted me to cover his hears. He did NOT like those at all.

But, overall it was a great night...

Then I got a call from my sister, in Hawaii, at like 10:50. I'm like... WTH you doing calling me at 11 pm? You never call me that late unless someone's seriosly injured... She's like, I can't remember the time difference... so we talked for a bit - Billy Ray Cyrus was performing at a concert there and her girls were dancing -- they were hoping for a Hanna Montana appearance too... and that's the deal pickle. :)

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