Friday, July 25, 2008

A theatrical moment

I've been having the insomnia bouts again... not getting to sleep until 2:30 or so..then up at 7:30... it really starts to suck the life out of you after a while...and knowing I can't take anything for it really bites the big one... so I was thoroughly enjoying sleepin in until I realized, CRAP, I'm taking Drew to the movies this morning. It was his first trip to the show. We went to see "Flushed Away." It was so cute! Mind you, we already have the DVD and Drew had already seen it but he'd never been to a real movie, popcorn and all... so it was rather an exciting day. I played it up and got him really excited... it was basically a chance for moms and their kids to get out and go see a movie without the fear of them ruining it for everyone else (b/c the theater was filled with moms and kids!)

He did a smashing job! He laughed and giggled and I had a new appreciation for the movie since all I'd ever done was hear it from the front seat while it played in the DVD player for the boys in the back.

We didn't do much after that... I scrapped some last night and thereafter cleaned my scrap room. Enough so that I could find everything easily enough to pack for the crop I attended tonight with my new friend Kelly. She and her family just moved into the neighborhood from Kansas City. She's got two adorable, energetic boys as well. Hers are 18 months apart and Drew is already calling "them" (collectively) his new best friends. I love that he's got a new friend... AND the fact that Kelly's pretty cool too makes it nice to have a friendly face (THAT SCRAPS) on the street. :) We're talking Canton after the heat dissapates as well. She thinks her scrap style is plain but I think there is something to be said for simple pages... thing is they are simple in terms of embellishments... but they're adorable as she picks (and takes) great photos... and uses fantastic papers so they really look great. :) She needs to give herself more credit.

I'm going to post my friend Christie's Ireland Book on here eventually... I did a couple of things for it last night when I realized that it wasn't in any "order" as far as what she did when... DUH... I really need to get that to her... again, DUH... was thinking Saturday but you know... I dunno... me wanna go ni ni...


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