Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do you remember....

Do you remember what you were doing on this night four years ago? Hmm... think hard... can you remember? I do...

I was at Andy's mom's house sitting on the couch sharing our last night as a three person family. Yep, this is Drew's birthday eve. :) Here are a couple of photos from four years ago today.

This was my little Josh. He'd just turned FIVE!

This is the last time that Andy would have an arm free when hugging our kids.

I had to be induced because Drew was a) getting too big and b) it was TIME!

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chksngr said...

Nope...but lets see...4 years ago I was in California. It was a Monday, so I was probably just hanging around after working all day. It was Mid-July, so I'm thinking I was inside in the AC...My guess is watching TV.

How exciting! 5!!! Such a big milestone! He's so adorable - but he looks like he's up to something....hmmmmm...