Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting creative in minutes

I was going to post a challenge for Christmas in July for everone to do a Christmas-y-ish layout in the month of July and post it to the gallery but thought...well, I need to do one too to get the mojo going. :) Here is mine. :)

This is from last December when we all went to the Gaylord Texan to see Ice! It's an AMAZING display they have basically an entire Chinese village come in and carve all these sculptures out of ice that's as clear as crystal. They give you these lovely, fashionable and ultra colorful coats to wear while you tour the area. It was chilly but VERY cool... even indoor ice slides! :) Josh loved it.

That's one tradition that is a HUGE pain in the butt because of the crowds (my birthday is 12/20) but it's something that I really look forward to doing every year.

I think I left the picture a little large but... I wanted you to be able to click on it and see the sculptures behind us... I'll do more layouts with the actual ice tour in them later on but this was the picture I closed my eyes and picked out of the ones to scrap so that's what got scrapped! :) Sue me! ha!


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chksngr said...

Cool challenge...and GREAT layout...I might give this a shot...I still have TONS of Christmas pics to scrap...sigh...Its the one holiday i have way too many pics for and not enough mojo to really do them justice!