Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vote - but don't vote your freedoms away...

My only hope for this presidential campaign is to have America be educated. I'm afraid that the black community is continuing to rally around Obama not for what he truly stands for but only because he is black. Am I afraid to say that? No, I'm really not. I won't vote for anyone based on their race or religion or sex for that matter -- I'm not a fan of Hillary either and she was hoping to have women rally around her. I would hope that people would educate themselves and vote for the person that is best for AMERICA... undersatnding that just because you throw money at a problem doesn't make it go away... someone promising funding doesn't mean anything more than ME saying, "I'll take care of it." It means nothing more than words.

I've stated before that I, as a Christian, believe homosexuality is wrong. I don't, however, feel that those individuals should be neither targeted nor discriminated against. I have had homosexual and bisexual friends in my lifetime and have had no problems being their friends. It's not up to me to judge. However, I don't feel that they should be entitled to "marriage" but rather "civil union." I do feel that the networks continue to push the token homosexual in most shows because the more exposure you continually have to it in all your prime time viewing, the more accustomed you are to seeing it thus begins the slow erosion of your moral compass...

I feel like Obama is going to do that same kind of thing... and I feel even more threatened reading things like this article from John C. Sigler, President of American Rifleman. This was in their June 2008 magazine. No, I didn't get copyright permission for reprinting this so I will excerpt it for ya...

A True Threat To Freedom

Right now, one of the most antigun politicians ever to set foot in Washington, D.C.,may be just one election away from the Oval Officeand far too few gun owners realize the true threat to freedom this candidate represents.

No, it's not Hillary Clinton-we already know how bad she is. It's Senator Barack H.Obama, D-III.,the man who promises "change"while pretending to offer"hope:' But exactly what kind of "change" is Obama "hoping" for?

It is far too easy for gun owners to slip into a false sense of security, unquestioningly accepting the candidate's promises and proclamations regarding the Second Amendment; but the unreported truth is that Barack Obama has an atrocious record on your most fundamental civil right-the right to a firearm for self-defense.

Over the years, Barack Obama has either voiced support for, or voted to enact, laws to:

  • ban all handguns
  • ban the sale or transfer of all semiautomatic firearms
  • ban the Right-to-Carry in every state, nationwide
  • ban firearms in the home, even for self protection

And he voted against a "self-defense exception;'which absolves folks of violating gun bans when their reason for violating those bans is to fend off criminal attack in the home.

Did you READ THAT? even if you shot and killed a predator entering your home, YOU would be criminally charged for protecting your family, your home, your property, your safety, yourself. Can you even BELIEVE THAT?

Do you seriously think a gun ban is going to keep guns away from criminals? Get REAL. Gun bans will do nothing but keep your regular Joe-Schmo from being able to buy a gun but Billy Gangbanger will have an entire arsenal at his disposal to use on you. How does that law level the playing field? If criminals want drugs... they can get them and know where... "Normal" people -- you and I... ??? I wouldn't have a freaking clue where to get drugs, nor would I want any. Why would making GUNS illegal have any barring on criminals getting their hands on them?

Go to Obama's website and you'll see his claims of respect for your rights, claims which are, at best, misleading. Obama's website claims,"He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport and use guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting:'

But as the bumper sticker says-"The SecondAmendment ain't about duck hunting:'

Obama has supported bans on ammunition magazines, gun-lock mandates, renewal of the 1994 Clinton gun ban and California-style gun registration. He voted against confirmation of both
Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alitofor the U.S. Supreme Court, and then refused to sign the pro-gun "friend-of-the-court" brief filed by 55 other senators and 250 House members in the District of Columbia.v.Heller gun ban case.

In July 2005, Obama voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act-a vote against the rights of every law-abiding gun owner, dealer and manufacturer in America, and a vote against our national defense.

Yet,while Obama's disdain for Second Amendment freedom appears limitless, his attitude toward armed, violent criminals has been one of benign neglect, at best.

In 1999,on a vote in the Illinois senate on whether to try teenage gang-bangers as adults when they fire a gun on or near school grounds, Obama voted "present" -the functional equivalent of"NO"!

Responding to a ChicagoTribune questionnaire, Obama said he believed federal mandatory-sentencing laws used to put armed and violent predators behind bars should be abolished!
And if those same violent criminals attack you, Obama opposes your fundamental, God-given right to protect yourself.

He opposes your Right to Carry. In fact, according to Obama's own hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, Obama supports federal legislation to ban the Right to Carry for everyone but
police officers!

Even attorney Walter Dellinger, who tried to defend the Washington, D.C., gun ban before the u.s. Supreme Court, admitted, "It is a universal or near universal rule of criminal law that there is a self-defense exception. It goes without saying:' In other words, Barack Obama's position is even more anti-gun than the District of Columbia's! Obama's record is clear-his concept of "hope and change" willsurely result in anti-gun/anti-freedom changes bringing more hopelessness for
the most helpless in our society.

The end of the article encouraged everyone to share it with people... which is why I'm sharing it with you today... educate yourself on the issues... not just because someone is a charasmatic speaker who is a lot of talk.... the man is promising change... that's great...but at what price and what KIND of change?!

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