Wednesday, July 16, 2008

chop chop...and no, I don't mean hurry up

I got my HAIR CUT OFF! :)

Isn't it amazing that getting a really over-hauled dramatic hair change can just give you a whole new outlook on life. :) It is a complete attitude adjustment and it just makes ya feel pretty darn sassy! You've seen before pictures because I've posted pictures of the long mop here...

and HERE is a photo (albeit a less than beautiful one) of the end result. :) I hate self portraits b/c it always has horrible lighting b/c you can only hold the camera away so far from your body before you'd have to dismember yourself to get an ideal distance. :)


and here is a side view of all the awesome highlights and layers...


and another view of the layers


just because she's adorable. :) My little Lola. :)



a.k.a. Amooretto said...

LOVE it!! But I already saw the pix before it hit the blog! ;)

You look FAB-U-LOUS!!

chksngr said...

Its GORGEOUS! I love new're so right. They give you an entirely new outlook!

Greta Adams said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! girl you are looking SMOKIN hot and sassy!!! love those long layers and hi lights...

you sassy thing go ahead and get you a sassy mouth to go with it ...LOL

listen i keep on you will be living here in MS with me.....LMAO