Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today is the first day

of a new beginning. :)

After a great "come to Jesus" talk over dinner Saturday night... and a double vodka and cranberry juice had nothing to do with it -- I'm SURE -- ha ha... we agreed that Irving Bible Church IS the place for us. :)

I can't even begin to tell you how completely thrilled I am to have my church home back. We spent the day together and then went to church to the 6 pm service... the music was moving... the words were enriching... the message was poignant... the people were smiling... the kids were excited... it smelled like home... I wanted to be like "That Girl" and run to the middle of Town Square and throw up my purse and spin around... I know, completely corniness but you just don't understand how completely lost I've felt since even contemplating trying to find another "home"... but... my home was there all along... and I'm so thrilled to be back. :)

Drew, who is usually a little dramatic at first when he gets dropped off at Sunday school class went in willingly (they had out playdoh - huge bonus!) and it was just fantabulous! :)

I'm telling you... all these things.. they've been nothing but a sign. After the sermon we let Drew play in the Tubes (it's like McDonald's playset on crack! I wish I were a kid... they're AWESOME!)... and then went to Jason's Deli. I did pretty good all day with WW... blew it on a baked potato. They have baked potatoes that are like the size of your's insane. Someone must be injecting those bad boys with Miracle Grow. :) I had about half and a great super duper side salad with light honey mustard.. mmmmm...

I left there just beaming... still am. :) I'm so excited to be back... ready to get plugged in and back to good. :) (reminds me of that Matchbox 20 song... I think I'll find it on my Zune and listen to it).

So, greetings and toodles... I just had to share my new found joy in a familiar place. :) Sometimes, I think you have to leave your comfortzone to really appreciate the beauty you have... makes you 100 times more grateful... I'm going to cover this church with prayers...

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