Monday, July 21, 2008

An interesting article..

On autism... check it out.

I completely agree with the statement in this article... I, as a parent, wouldn't let my child be tested for it ... unless there were an actual NEED for the testing. That's insane. Give someone a checklist and they'll give you a label for your kid? CRAZY!

In the "part 2" of this (i didn't provide the link...but am providing a quote...) it states

"Much has been made of statistics showing a sharp increase in diagnoses of autism in recent years.
What has gotten much less attention is the changing definition of autism, which raises the question whether there has been an actual change in the real world or simply a change in the way words are used when collecting statistics.
People today are often spoken of as being "on the autistic spectrum," rather than as having autism."

interesting thought.

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chksngr said...

I've often wondered if diagnosis of disorders like autism has gone up because our ability to diagnose has increased. I think 15 years ago, we were much less likely to even know what autism is, let alone get a solid diagnosis.

As an older mother who faced both the Down's syndrome testing and the genetic battery of tests that doctors say are necessary, I faced some real fears about this stuff.

I concluded that I would only want to know so I could arrange for resources. And that if the screens came back with low risk, I wouldn't put myself or my fetus through further excessive testing and trauma.

It was a decision made after much prayer. I mean, we are supposed to trust our medical professionals, right?

I can safely conclude that I will do the same with any future issues we might face. We pay close attention to our son's behavior, but will never put him through testing that is not required.

To be honest, I'm faced with another potential issue. My child is highly energetic and leans toward kinesthetic learning...he's an action guy. This is the kind of child that gets the ADD or ADHD label.

To be sure, there are medical professionals out there who seek to identify disorders with the purpose of providing tools and resources to produce healthy and functional adults. But it seems like the bulk of medical society is focused on medicate, placate and label. Its really an injustice to our children.