Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Silly mis-pronunciations - I love 'em!

I love toddler talk. Well, he's not really a toddler anymore but I like the aliteration that has... "toddler talk"... maybe I should say preschooler prose perhaps... ha ha.. :)

OK. So, we were loading up to take the 15 minute trip to swimming lessons and Drew asked to bring his "gameboy" (it's a Leapster, but hey, if he wants to think he has a gameboy like his big brother, more power to him). I said, "sure" as it provides a great distraction and if he's learning his upper and lower case letters, why not? Right? So he turns it on before we're even out the back door and he says to me, "dis my ick name." I questioned, "pardon?" He showed me the login screen. One says "Drew" and one says "SDGYKGN". He says, "dis my name, dis my ick name." That just cracks me up.

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