Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm proud...

I'm proud of being an American. I'm proud to call this nation my home. I'm proud that both of my grandfathers served in the Army. An uncle and a great uncle both served in the Army as well. My ex husband in the Air Force. One of my best friends since 7th grade currently serves in the Air Force. My family has deep ties to the very fundamental reasons why this country is great... because we fight for what we believe in... freedom isn't free.

My "little sister" sent me this today... and I watched it... and I cried. if it doesn't appear as a link, PLEASE cut and paste this into a new browser window. You won't be disappointed.

There are so many causes to support... breast cancer, MD, CF, AIDS, environmental issues, animal issues, hunger issues, the economy, the presidency... the list is ENDLESS. However, one of the things I feel that as a country we should rally around are our TROOPS, THEIR families and THEIR children. Why? Because THEY are truly sacrificing the most so that we HAVE the freedoms and liberties that we possess. Without them, we have nothing.

Have you ever known someone... perhaps someone you even considered a friend or thought you knew someone. You really liked them. They seem to just be an all around good person and then you hear something from them that just shakes you to the very core? It makes you requestion everything you've ever heard them say and then it's like a cancer that has now tarnished everything they probably ever will say?

That happened to me and unfortunatly it's not something I've been unable to let go. I really, truly AM a peacemaker. I don't like conflict. I will create it, however, to deal with a situation, but I don't LIKE it. I like to think that I can pray for and forgive my enemies and move past things. I, therefore, keep thinking to myself, just because we completely disagree on something does that make either of us wrong?

What if one of the views they possess strikes something so very close to home with you?

My brother in law currently serves as a Lt. Col. in the US Army. He has proudly served his country for MANY years. He has missed the first year of life of not one, but TWO of his daughters because he was serving in a combat zone overseas. This man... and all others like him... are truly my heroes... everythign in their lives are put on hold to hold fast that we must protect ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Yet my "friend" because she doesn't agree with the war, says she doesn't support the troops or their familes? WTF? My brother is willing to die for her right to say that... but she wouldn't even spit on his grave... can you really be a friend with someone with a complete and total lack of any sort of view point from the other side? I don't know... I'm struggling with this on a daily basis just because it's something that I feel so strongly about.

You see, I HAVE been a military wife left in a strange place while my husband was deployed overseas in a combat zone unable to call home but once a week and access the internet to send an e-mail every other day or so... We were married two WEEKS and he was shipped off for 6 months. He wasn't even allowed to tell me where he was GOING!?! But he did it, leaving me and our new life together because that was his duty to his country. Yes, I did have to sacrifice.

I understand that one of the aspects of this nation THAT makes it so great is that we CAN have different viewpoints... but someone with something so discenting from even having a shred of compassion really just bothers me. How can someone have such a complete lack of compassion for another human being... especially for one that has feelings, children and a life too? They're not these trained killing machines (well, I mean they ARE but they're not just running around pillaging villages and raping women)... they're doing their job as American soldiers. Without them, I have a great fear for what our country would be like. As much as I'd like to think we can end nuclear warfare, disarm all the "bad guys", smoke a joint and sing Kum Bah Yah... Folks, that shit just ain't gonna happen! (pardon my Texan)... raising taxes to fund the plans of idiots just really isn't a good idea... raise taxes to give our SOLDIERS a raise... I'd be all for that!

I tend to play devil's advocate with most everything... that's just my nature... but in this... because it's my family, because it's my past, because it's in OUR present, because I feel the urgency in supporting these wonderful soldiers.. men...women... mothers... fathers... sisters... brothers.. aunts... uncles.... cousins... fiances... girlfriends... boyfriends... that I don't see how you can not at least appreciate the sacrifices that they undergo EVERY DAY just to keep our country the best in the world.

I just had to get this off my chest...

God bless the American Soldier... bring them all home safely.


janet said...

I would be very offended if one of my friends did that, April. You don't have to agree with the war to support our soldiers. (I'm sure most of the soldiers don't agree w/ the war) We are lucky to have men and women who are willing to sacrifice themselves for our country. I hope they are home soon. I hope you and your friend can work things out!

chksngr said...