Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Conversations of sadness

Josh is in Iowa visiting his father and his family up there for the next 4 more weeks... and it hadn't really sank in with Drew until last night...

and then today he's playing with his friend Noah. I'm listening to their little conversations while they're in the the closet.

Drew: I have a little brother. His name is "dosh". He's at I-wuh.

Noah: Why he eye-wam?

Drew: He at I-wuh because I miss him. I miss him here.

Noah: Lets play ew-pant (elephant game)

Drew: I'm building square.

Noah: Okay

.... the situation that led to that is from last night... put Drew down and was downstairs enjoying some quiet only to continue to hear running footsteps ... What the heck is this kid doing?

It was just so sad... broke my heart... he didn't have the words to express what he felt when he went in Josh's room and Josh wasn't there so he just knew it hurt and he needed to cry. He was almost inconsolable for a bit... I took him to the media room and rocked him for a bit and got him calmed down... it was so sad.

It's nice to know that even though they beat on one another that their bonds are truly one from the heart.

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chksngr said...

Oh, April...this made ME cry!!!

Poor little guy...he just doens't understand...

It IS nice to know that they have that connection, though...

Sigh...i guess this means I should have another! :-)