Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food adjectives

I love it when children do not yet possess the vocabulary to articulate what they are wanting to communicate.

Point in case: Cotton Patch Cafe. He must have been 5 years old. Six years old at the oldest. I ordered for him while he was busy coloring some odd cartoonish drawing in the children's menu. The waiter delivered our dinner. He ate a little of this... ate a little of that... picked up one of the steamed baby carrots and was thinking it was going to be this crisp delicious treat and it was cooked. He spit it into his napkin saying that he didn't like "melted carrots." So steamed carrots have always had that term for us now.

Fast forward to tonight. Wonderful dinner... steamed fresh broccoli, broccoli with cheese, mashed potatoes, steak, fresh loaf of French bread... you get the point? it was a nice meal. He won't eat many vegetables but he will eat broccoli. I hadnt ever given him cooked broccoli before so this was a new one... he takes a bite and spits it out saying that he didn't want to eat "sweaty broccoli"...

SWEATY BROCCOLI? Could you even imagine ME serving such a creature?

The vanilla ice cream with sprinkles more than made up for it after dinner though. :)

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