Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First 2 week appointment!

I'm in the homeward stretch! I just started my 2-week appointments. Drew went with me today.

I got there, signed in at the desk and then Drew and I started working on his Lego fighter "thing" that he brought to occupy his time.

In about five minutes, my name was called. We went to the other waiting room. After dropping off my purse, drink, child, and such I was weighed. Surprisingly, I didn't gain any weight in 2 weeks. I text Andy and he wonders if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I say, if it were a concern, the doc would have brought it up. He didn't so it's not. My "thing" is that a) I CAN'T eat much because I just get full so fast. Last night we ordered pizza -- I got my favorite, BBQ chicken with spinach from Pizza Hut. I ate the two smallest pieces in the box and I was STUFFED. There's just no room for big meals and weight gain. There's no room!

They checked my blood pressure -- 96 over 59 or something like that -- in other words, "normal." And she asked how the baby was moving and I said, "Like a kung fu fighter!" She leaves and then in comes Dr. Cowen. We talk for a few, he measures my stomach, listens to the heart rate and said that everything looks good. He'll see me again in two weeks and at that time we'll talk delivery. (YEA!) D-day is actually IN MY SIGHTS now! He also said that he didn't think THIS baby would be as big as Drew was (THANK GOD!!!) Drew was nearly 10 pounds and was one hell of a recovery! He advises me to pre-register with the hospital and says he'll see me soon.

Since my doc's office is at the hospital where I will deliver, Drew and I did a little "tour" and saw the only little person in the nursery. Drew had LOTS of questions and then I realized, I hadn't signed him up for a sibling class (duh) so I have just a) preregistered myself for the hospital and b) registered Drew for his sibling class on April 10th.

NOW, it feels like it's really going to happen! So much to do -- so little time!


JoeyRes said...

So exciting! I hope you have enough time to get everything ready before the new baby's arrival.

Keli said...

Aw So exciting!!! Hubby and I have been talking baby the past week. (Well not really hubby and I, just I and everyone else LOL) but I'm thinking hubby has the "baby itch" too.
Anyway, so excited for you!! Have you narrowed down the name list yet?
I'm sure you'll get everything done, but if you don't oh well. It'll get done eventually. :)
Glad everything is good(healthwise) with you and the baby!