Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Living in chaos today...

Well, they've started painting the trim... read that as "my entire house smells like stinky-stanky oil based paint." UGH! It takes FOREVER to dry, too. Lola BARELY brushed up against it... now I've got several little dog hairs sticking up off of it. Nice! UGH!

I'm having to shoo the children upstairs... "don't touch ANYTHING" is the mantra of the week. It's a stinky nightmare!

I could deal with the paint....but the trim. UGH!

After taking Drew to school this morning, Josh and I were finally able erect the tent so that it could dry out and then we could pack it away correctly and so that it didn't mildew.

Then my dinner plans for 3 nights this week -- totally screwed because Josh forgot to bring in the $18 worth of hamburger meat I'd purchased and it was left in the car for 2 days. :( I just was near tears (call it an emotional pregnancy hamburger meat breakdown or EPHMB) because having to come up with something AFTER you have a plan in place... WHEN you're freakin emotional and your house is in complete disarray... yeah, it's a little tough. It sucks a lot. I just said screw it and ate a PB&J. I'll make Drew some chicken nuggets. Andy will get a couple of grilled cheese. Josh... I"ll make him grilled cheese too just so I'm not having to recreate anything. It's maddening and right now I just want to go to bed!

Couple that all with the fact that I live in a CONSTANT state of ... pain now... basically completely around where my bra strap is... just ACHES AND ACHES AND ACHES! Nothing is helping other than laying down. How many do you know that home school that can do that? Yeah, I didn't think anyone else could either. It sucks.... and I'm so unbelievably uncomfortable.

Hey... I didn't ask... can I have some CHEESE with my WHINE?! I'm having a major pity party today aren't I? OH well, I guess I'm entitled every now and then.

We've got a busy rest of the week ahead...

Wednesday -- the painters are still here. Drew has school and t-ball practice from 5:30 to 6:30ish and then I have a Pack Committee meeting

Thursday -- is my mom's birthday. Drew has pancake/PJ day at school. HOPING that my house is a little put back together so my girlfriend, Valerie of Moms of Keller, can stop by and talk homeschooling with me. If it's not yet, we'll have to reschedule. Then Josh has football practice from 5:45 - 7:45.

Friday -- Drew has reading class from 10-12. Josh has sculpture from 2:45-4:15 and then I pick him up and basically head straight to the airport. He'll miss his first football scrimmage because he's leaving for Iowa for a week. :(


Keli said...

I'd go nuts if my house was that torn apart. With my boys and my dogs, the paint would NEVER get a chance to dry! I once bought like $30 worth of hamburger meat, put it in the fridge and decided to get to it later. When I finally got to it, I think a week later, it was totally gross. So I feel you on that one! Good luck with the rest of the week, I hope it gets better for you!!

chksngr said...

Ok..the meat thing...made me LAUGH! I bought some chicken when I was preggers with Jay and left it in the trunk. I got into my car after a long hot weekend and though, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?!?!?!?" and then it dawned on me...OH NO! THE CHICKEN!!!