Monday, March 8, 2010

Truth is stranger than fiction!

Ladies and gents -- I kid you not, I just read a story about a woman who wrecked her car because she was shaving her bikini area... WHILE DRIVING? I'm sorry... that is just so absolutely, ridiculously bizarre that I can't even grasp the right words to fully elaborate how completely unbelievable it is. But, since I can't, read for yourself HERE.

And if that wasn't enough for the bizarre news of the day -- what about having your butt caulked? I'm sorry, but if you want PLASTIC SURGICAL PROCEDURES.. you don't go to a freakin' hotel room! You go to an outpatient facility and get it done by a board certified medical professional! OMG! Read HERE. I just don't understand how someone could be so stupid!?! I really don't.

Or better yet... someone SUING an airline because the flight staff refused to examine his genitals? Hello? That's not in the job description ya FREAK! Read Here. They live and breathe among us... they live and breathe!


Mommy to One said...

LOL, oh my goodness! What is WRONG with people??? What, were they public schooled???

MaryC said...

Oh girl, stupidity is rampant! Absolutely RAMPAMT! And 9/10's of the stupid people work in some form of service industry. Aack!

chksngr said...

Ummmmm...not only was she shaving behind the wheel...she was shaving behind the wheel on the way to have a visit with the boyfriend and the EX-HUSBAND was the one in the passenger seat. I don't know about you, but I would never have taken my ex-husband along to meet my boyfriend...that's rude. :-)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh my radio station was talking about that too! Isn't that nuts??? She had like a suspended licence and DUI I think they said also. Really makes you wonder about her.


JoeyRes said...

I think that lady needs a lesson on multi-tasking. Touching up the bikini area while driving - I never would have thought of that one.