Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Midweek Muse - 22 Things

My friend Felecia just did a post on her blog from a blog post of Stacy Julian's. BUT, before you go check MY list out on the list of 22 things motherhood has taught me, create your own and THEN go back and see what everyone else has written. (NOW I can go back and read everyone else's)... ha ha
  1. I am a good person. I certainly am not always the best that I can be but I am my best for my children. I shouldn't try to be supermom and June Clever because neither of them are real. Everyone has their own faults/shortcomings so we need to be there for one another to help build each other up, not tear them down.
  2. Macaroni and cheese can be a meal.
  3. Faith is everything. When you have no foundation to base your life upon, how can you have a foundtation to BUILD your life upon -- and your children's too, for that matter.
  4. Children crave time over cleanliness, materials, money or electrical outlets. Children NEED, WANT and CRAVE your time and attention. Spending that time with them is far more therapeutic for them, you, their well being, self-worth than any book, blog, shiny counter, sparkly toilet, Wii game or reality show.
  5. Kids learn at an early age that carbs are king. However, it's not going to kill them if they really do want pancakes 3 times a week. Give them their own little bottle of syrup to pour on their pancakes -- they'll feel so grown up!
  6. What you WANT decreases when you become a mother because you base your WANTS on what your children NEED. Your life DOESN'T revolve around you any longer. You have to be the matriarch, counselor, psychologist, nurse, chef, taxi and thus your needs are secondary to providing for their needs.
  7. Sometimes, using the DVD player and a Disney movie OR the Wii OR your cell phone OR anything like that is an okay distraction to let you regain your sanity. You're not a bad person if you NEED a nap or have to take a 40 wink session to be able to function.
  8. It's okay to just take the escalator to the top and back down again for no apparent reason. It's not going to kill you to let the little guys ride it for fun. What's the hurry?
  9. Learning to get on the floor and to play again is a challenge for Type-A personalities. I struggle with this constantly.
  10. I'm not the best at documenting my journey down this road, but I certainly try.
  11. You're going to get scratches on your hardwood floors and nice furniture, crayons on your wall, markers on their faces, stamps on the carpet... WHO CARES?!
  12. Sometimes a hug and a character band aid can make *almost* anything better.
  13. You can learn a lot of things from a dog -- unconditional love and forgiveness -- apply these traits to your children too.
  14. Beware what you say because your kids are absorbing it even when they seem to have you completely tuned out... and they'll repeat it when you don't want them to. The older the get, the more they do this...and they're really nosey too!
  15. You're not doing your kids any favors by doing everything for them. All kids need to learn responsibility from age 2 up! It won't kill anyone to learn responsibility! Teach them to appreciate earning what they want.
  16. Hug them often. They grow up quick.
  17. I (and you) need time for us too. Being a mom is hard work that you don't get a paycheck for... and your only reward is to recharge outside your home from time to time and it's not selfish or a bad thing. It's a necessity. You're a better mom for it.
  18. Maintaining your friendships is extremely important so that you, as a mom, have a support group too.
  19. Blank paper, crayons, markers and old scrapbooking scissors are a great boredom buster that should be kept within arms reach for moments when you really want to get something done without interruption.
  20. You're not a bad person if you slept through your baby crying because you were exhausted. (I did this once and really just beat myself up over it.)
  21. Love the Lord with all your heart and let your children SEE YOU LIVING this by example -- they will emulate you.
  22. The faults you beat yourself up over, your children cannot see. SO STOP IT!

I'm linked to 15 Minutes and Stacy Julian.


chksngr said...

LOVE IT!!! could you not totally have like 100 more? I could!!

Frugal Vicki said...

Aww, I loved this. I tend to have a hard time getting down and playing, but the other day we had a pillow fight and it was so much fun, I laughed until my belly hurt.

**** April **** said...

Felecia -- YES! I totally could have done more. It's fun to actually *think* and leave a footprint of your here and now. I need to find a blog that really challenges me like this more often!

JoeyRes said...

Those were such thoughtful points! I think it's really important to focus on giving our children our time because we'll have so much time when they're grown to do whatever we want.

At least I hope that's the way it works!

Stacy said...

What an amazing list -- thank YOU so much for posting this and inviting me to read it.

love it!

Keli said...

Wow. Can I copy and paste? :)

You sound like an amazing mom! I know I've sat the boys in front of the TV when I need a ten second timeout. And umm.. 3 days a week for pancakes. How about 6 days a week, 2 "meals" a day? Honestly, my youngest would eat them EVERYDAY ALL DAY if I let him. He once ate FOUR huge pancakes himself. And he's only 18 months!