Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Up Wednesday???

Is it a Wednesday Woe or WOW? How about BOTH!

I don't really have anything to WOE about--other than my weight! Oh my GOSH I went to the doctor today for my routine check up. You know, lay back, measure the gut... blood draw... pee in a cup... and then comes the weight check. I looked... I've sworn to myself I wouldn't look one I went over 150 pounds. I actually looked! I DID! GASP! To realize that this baby is making me gain weight -- it's complete vanity but... is that fair to gain weight after I worked SO HARD TO LOSE IT ALL? Why can't I stay close to 140 and carry a baby to full term? Why can't I? I mean, I'm not THAT sad about packing on 25 pounds thus far... am I? UGH! WAAAAahhhhh!

And, today my WOW... my wow is that we did something great for someone (or shall I say -- some SOMEONES)... I had The Rainbow Room come by and pick up not one.... not two... but THREE bags of STUFFED animals to take to children that are being taken into custody by CPS... to give them something not to be give them comfort. Most of these animals were brand new -- given a hug and then put on a shelf. It's nice to know they're not just being stuck on a shelf and left for dead...they're going to have someone to love and hug them... and be appreciated. Not that my boys didn't appreciate them, but ... they're just not always the "stuffed animal types"... they want the goods, not just the fluff. However, Drew has more of an attachment to them (being a 5 year old) so I kept his favorites for him but still got rid of SO MANY that I've reclaimed a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE amount of space in my scrapbooking room (seeing that they were in an over-flowing 22 gallon Rubbermaid tub). It makes my heart feel good, too, that Josh was there to talk to the agent that came to pick them up so he heard first hand why they were needed and he felt good letting go of some of his favorites too.

AND -- Josh made lunch for us today. Scrambled egg sandwiches and Sun Chips!


chksngr said...

I read somewhere that your body is "destined" to gain a certain amount of weight with each pregnancy, no matter how much you watch it. I didn't gain a lot with either child. Sadly, it makes NO difference now that they are both OUT. My body is just NOT what it used to be...sigh...

Frugal Vicki said...

But it is a BABY! Gain the weight! Eat what you want! Enjoy!
So nice about the stuffed animals! I give them to fire depts. for when kids are getting transported, it really distracted my son!

Also, I have an award for you on my blog!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I hear you I've done it twice lost weight then got PG. And now here I am on the track to loose it again for a third time ... UGH :(

You're fab my dear! I wish to be your size :)