Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

It’s that time of week again! Time to list what you are thankful for. This week we are doing things that start with the letter “H.”

Happy Thursday!
  • Health - definitely! I'm having a healthy pregnancy, have healthy children, healthy dogs, healthy family. Health is definitely something to be thankful for!
  • Husband - He's the perfect balance for me... I'm thankful for his forgiveness, love and friendship.
  • Home - Although it's a MAJOR (and I don't mean that lightly) love/hate relationship, I'm still thankfulfor my home! It's big and beautiful and a work in progress.
  • Hobbies - I LOVE my hobbies -- organizing, scrapbooking, reading, cooking, photography. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities to indulge in them.
  • Honey - My Earl Grey isn't the same without it! (And I don't know if Drew would eat a biscuit without it either!)
  • Hospitality - I love the true "Southern hospitality" and love sharing my home, recipes and time with my friends.
  • Hats - Silly thing I know but my noggin is usually donned with some type of baseball cap or hat if it's cold. I'm just a hat girl! I love 'em!
  • Hawaii - Though I'm a TRUE mountain girl at heart, I loved spending time in Hawaii and thought the islands were a beautiful, tropical oasis. I look forward to going back.
  • Hamburgers/Hot Dogs - I love this because of what they typically represent -- friends and family getting together for a cookout!
  • Hugs - Who can live without them?
  • Hammock - Although I can't find my hammock (just the stand) I am THANKFUL for the many hours logged in its comforting womb. It's peacful, serene and relaxing!
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ModernMom said...

What a fabulous list! Health would be my number 1 too. Without it, it makes the rest of the H's pretty hard to enjoy:)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Sweet post! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am so glad my sheet music share inspired you. If you don't have antique sheet music, you can always print up free sheet music off of the internet on a cream paper. You can even tea stain it to make it look older. Then, it's free!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow you're rocking the H's ... LOL

Here's a HUG for you my darling!!!

Hat's you know I so use to be all over them lately not so much just makes my face rounder ... lol

Frugal Vicki said...

Ha! I love the honey one, that was cute.