Monday, March 15, 2010

Progress... but not where I wanted it...

I made mountains of progress today but not on my OAMC plan, it was in the playroom. You can ACTUALLY SEE THE FLOOR! >>>GASP<<< !

The formal dining room is still in a shambles. Seriously. It's a wreck.

The playroom, however, is looking much better! I did find one small cause for a hiccup in my plan for reorganization. You see, before the big migration of stuff, the playroom was in a bedroom upstairs that did NOT have a chair rail encircling the room so having media storage mounted on the wall was the perfect choice. I just chose to remove it from the wall and move it downstairs. Sounds like a great idea, right? Wrong. Since the chair rail is around the room which now houses the playroom, we'd have to raise the base of the media storage wall mount up about 2 1/2 feet. This clearly means that there is no way that I, nor anyone else in this house would be able to reach anything near the top. Furthermore, since I'm anal retentive and alphabetize everything, it's clear that anyone desiring a movie would thus miss out on the good ones like... The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Alice in Wonderland, The Aristocats, and Beauty and the Beast, among others. We can't have that so now we will have to figure out some type of media storage for the playroom.

Honestly, though, I think that this may be a blessing in disguise because it will keep the visual clutter still to a minimum. Maybe some type of media cabinet can be installed ON THE WALL?! Hmm..... I'll have to be checking things out! That's for sure. Any ideas?

I also started piecing together my family room. It wasn't painted in full, just the trim, mantle, built ins and molding. Oh yeah, the ceiling was painted too but we didn't really have to move everything around in this room like the others, however, reassembling the mantle has proven to be quite a pain in the glutes! You see, I'm not the type of person who is able to accessorize her person, much less, her abode.

Those great home party jewelry shows everyone has? Yeah, don't invite me. I won't come. Why? Because I have NO IDEA HOW TO ACCESSORIZE! When I had a wedding ring (before it went missing/lost/stolen/whatever) I wore that. Earrings? Diamond studs. Watch? Sometimes, but generally I rely on my Blackberry. Necklace? Generally speaking, never. You see? I'm a minimalist. I feel fake wearing all that stuff and I feel like YOU can tell that I feel fake so I just don't bother.

**edited to include a photo of my blingage that I miss so very much....

Therefore, just as with the jewelry and how I only wore what really meant something to me, I struggle with decorating my home. So, bring it back to my mantle. I don't like having STUFF in my house just to have STUFF. I want it to be something that means something to me, not just something I purchase to fill a space. I have a TON of great accessories that I have purchased that really are just "accessories" that really mean nothing and I guess that's why I really, really struggle with decorating because they mean nothing so, for me, it's just a pain to even go through any motion trying to organize them into anything "nice" because they mean nothing. Does that make any sense whatsoever?

So, I'm calling out the big dogs (my cousin, the decorating diva!) I'm hoping she can come look through my "stuff" and piece together something fantastic. I just want it to look great (OTHER than at Christmas when I really KNOW it does because I rock the Christmas decorations!) Anyone want to see a picture and you can give me ideas? I'm open for any and all constructive criticism!

HOWEVER, progress IS progress. The playroom is just about back to where it was. Which means that after our next run to IKEA to purchase the entertainment/storage system that we're going to assemble (SIDEBAR: Isn't it funny how I say we're as if I'm actually going to do any labor on this project whatsoever? Yeah, I thought so too!) and at that time I will need to remove ALL the storage solutions in there and find them NEW homes (oh the joy of it all). I will be taking the entertainment center (once we paint it a chocolate brown) to the scrapbook room. I actually can't WAIT for that piece! Otherwise, it's lots and lots of plastic storage bins and shelves and such that will certainly find their homes in the garage and the attic. :) Joy!

OH, and I have only about two loads of laundry left to do and I CAN SEE THE FLOOR BENEATH THE PILES! That, in and of itself, is a HUGE feat in my book.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Costco and to a couple of grocery stores to hit up the meat sales and it will begin my huge cooking endeavor. I will post the menu and recipes as I go so that everyone has access to what all I've done, am doing and hope to do.

I think right now I'm going to go up to the baby's room and finish what I can there. And, yeah, he's still called "the baby" because we still haven't figured out a name for him. Here's my list, what do you think?

Benjamin (family name)
Cabe (my grandmother's maiden name)
Charles/Charlie (this is a family name)
Dierks (Andy hates this name)
Liam (Andy hates this name)
Max (Josh and Drew both love this name)
Trey (Andy likes this -- means the third... seems like a cop out to me)

So, those are what we're tossing around. We'll see how it goes. I guess we can't leave the hospital until we have a name so at least sometime next month, we'll have one picked out! Ha!


Keli said...

Great job at getting your playroom done! I'm just like you in that I can't accessorize. Me or my house.

I like Brady and Cole. (I wanted to name my youngest Cole. Hubby didn't like it, but it's his middle name.)

I'm still looking forward to your OAMC plans! I need to go to Sam's and see what they have. I need to get shopping!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL we were on the same page with cleaning and picking up! LOVE Ikea we haven't gone in a long time. You're going to have to show pictures of it done!

Laundry oh wow you hate thee! Today was a laundry day between my breaks at work I would run put a load in washer dryer. UGH why must you taunt me! Working from home is GREAT but the laundry and dishes call to me!

Oh girl I only usually wear my wedding ring if I remember to put it on .. lol! My mom EVERY holiday buys me more stuff that nicely goes into the jewelry box. On the rare occasion I remember to put one on for church. Yup the only day of the week I put makeup on and pants ... lol

Ok of course I'm partial to Cole. Max is cool but it reminds me of a cartoon. Sorry I actually like Trey ;). Nicholas is a nice one too :).

chksngr said...

This should be called "mind spillage and progress" hee!! I love that you are making progress...nothing feels quite so good to a nesting mama than getting everything in order. I'm leaning toward Caleb. I love that name!

Keli said...

I tried emailing you a few days ago about the snacks... and something else too. (now I can't remember what lol) but it didn't work for some reason. I would LOVE to brainstorm with you! I'm looking for any snacks really. Something other than apples. My boys are very picky. My youngest eats pancakes and apples. And condiments. Sour cream, ketcup,BBQ sauce. But I just am having a hard time trying to find some good healthy snack ideas. I did do some surfing on the internet last night and found a few things, I just need to read through them again. If it's easier for you, you can email me :)
kelcoled at aol dot com