Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yeah, I'm Up

In Texas, we have a saying that if you don't like the weather, just give it some time. Point in case --- Friday it was near 80 degrees (my car thermostat read the outdoor ambient temperature at 78) and today we are expecting snow. SNOW?! What the heck man!

Typically, when systems such as these move through -- you know the whole cool-air-mass-meets-warm-air-mass -- you get our beloved thunderstorms. Oh the beloved Texas thunderstorms. Lightning that can penetrate even the thickest room darkening curtains and thunder that makes windows rattle throughout your entire home and sends your chicken dogs running for covers. Oh yes, at precisely 3:23 a.m. when the first signs of rumbles in the distance, Sadie (who usually sleeps in a accumulation of blankets placed on a fluffy dog bed that is then placed on a rocking glider/recliner in my room) jumped from the chair and proceeded to pace around the bed. I know this because I am a) a light sleeper and b) her toenails aren't quiet on the floors. I try, begrudgingly, to urge her back into the confines of her blanket party verbally.

She's not having any part of it. Again, she proceeds to pace around the floor. "Sadie, lay down," I sternly whisper. She walks to the doors to the bathroom. Do I have an incredibly trained dog that prefers the loo to the wild outdoors? Of course not, when she's afraid, she chooses to retreat to the confines of my windowless walk-in-closet. I pull down my large, red fleece robe and toss it on the floor. She instantly makes a "bed" out of it. I pull the doors two and figure, as long as I'm up... do as pregnant women do... and utilize the facilities. I go back to bed and lay there.

And lay there.

And lay there.

And the thunder gets more intense. The rain gets even heavier. The lightning increases in frequency.

And now, chicken dog numero dos is trying to crawl on Andy's head. What is so appealing about his head when this dog is afraid is BEYOND ME! I grab her and in my most aggressive whisper say, "You need to lay down and stop being stupid." I say this because I know she is far superior in intelligence and understand English perfectly. How do I know this? She lays down immediately right where I place her and doesn't move -- UNTIL the next clap of thunder. At that point, she's back under the covers laying by my knees.

So, there you have it. The fun, untold story of why thunderstorms suck for me when they occur anytime the "average bear" is supposed to be hibernating. And, most importantly, why I've now been awake since 3:30 a.m.

I already can feel a nap coming on today. I hope the snow holds off so that I can finish my shopping trip. Oh yeah, maybe I should post about my mini session for OAMC. Naah. I'll go on Facebook and play some mindless games and drink my sugar free, milk chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast. I think "bean" is hungry.


MaryC said...

April, I so wish we lived close together. You are a riot. I really needed a laugh this morning and you delivered. BTW, I am hoping to fly to TX this spring and drive to Ada to visit family. Maybe I can see you when I come. When is the baby due?

Tanna Clark said...

I love thunderstorms but not THOSE kind. We haven't had a loud thunderstorm since we got our dog but I wonder what she would do. She sleeps in bed with my daughter. I have a feeling both of them would be right by my side. :)

Frugal Vicki said...

Yep, they say the same thing in Colorado. Two days ago it was seventy and we were at the park, yesterday we got almost a foot of snow, and tomorrow it is supposed to be beautiful again.
Poor little Sadie (which BTW is my cat's name!)