Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have pictures!

But they're not on this laptop! I will **hopefully** be able to upload them to my bloggidy blog blog tomorrow!

Today was a big day!

I got up, got the boys ready for school, the painters came and finished up EVERYTHING but my room! :)

This means that they've painted and finished

  • The playroom
  • the hallway from the garage to the kitchen
  • the formal dining room
  • the laundry room
  • The scrapbook room
  • the kitchen island
  • the foyer
  • the upstairs hallways (2 of them)
  • ALL of the crown molding and baseboards/trim downstairs

It's just... it's not even the same house! It's just amazing! Since Josh and I try to stay out of their way, school has been rather sporadic at the house this week... especially when you're trying to steer clear from the noxious fumes from the oil based paint used on the trim (YUCKITY YUCK YUCK).

Tomorrow, they're going to be painting my bathroom cabinets black and doing the trim in my bathroom and painting the stripes on Drew's wall and VOILA -- the house is COMPLETE! I'm so SO SO very pleased! I don't think I could get much happier about the way it looks!

Only a few more projects and it's complete.

  1. refinish the hardwood floors
  2. Go to IKEA and purchase/set up the storage system for the playroom so that it's nice and worthy of the space! What we have now is ugly, but functional and doesn't utilize the vertical space like we should be. AND what we have in there NOW is going to my scrapbook room! ha ha... so I'm ready for that just b/c I'll have more storage until I get that room finished out
  3. carpet in master bedroom / closet
  4. have lighting people come do their magic on installing a chandalier in the formal dining room and fix a couple of light switches
  5. hang the curtains in the baby's room and in my bathroom.
  6. get the rugs cleaned so we can put them back on the floors

These things will get done sooner or later. I, personally, can wait on the floors b/c the fumes... BLECH!

I will have photos tomorrow of all the craziness and what it's like to have all your belongings smashed to the middle of the room.... CHAOS! But today, it wasn't so bad after all!


chksngr said...

This seems so small compared to what you have done...but...yesterday was a big day for us too...the new housekeepers came! YEA! I got a gift certificate and finally got to use it. Yesterday was the first of two "spring cleaning" sessions that they do when they start a contract. I was BLOWN AWAY when I got home. I'm a neat freak, but honestly, it takes so much energy to stay ahead of three males in my house that I was kind of overwhelmed with it all. After going back to work, I have really succumbed to the "perhaps I can't do it all" mentality. I found myself obsessed with whether or not my house was clean and not with how much time I spent with my male-folk. And, lets face it, the hubs just ain't a good wife. His business has picked up, so he's been working just as hard as I have, even if it is from home. So...I'm SO GLAD they came...and my bathrooms smelled like fresh air. YUM!

MaryC said...

Congratulations! I remember when you said you wanted to do all this and now it's done! Go you! I can't wait to see the pictures.