Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily digs

Well, all but one of my books have come in and I've been looking for spare moments to devour them but I haven't been able to completely sit and linger over the pages of time-saving information... yet. I will say that the recipes I've spied within the two that I've peeked at are simply mouth-watering and I'm foresee a Post-It Note shortage in my stash of office supplies.

I feel like I definitely should have taken into account that whole "Eat From The Pantry" challenge so that I could clear out my freezer and pantry in anticipation of filling it full of tasty goodness.

So, my plan at this point is for the next two weeks I'm going to take inventory of my pantry and freezer and basically challenge myself to do that on my own just so that I can clear it out. While I'm doing that I will plan menus and meals for the upcoming time that I plan to do my batch cooking. I'm going to prepare two weeks worth on one day... skip a week and then prepare another two weeks worth. I then intend to skip another two weeks and do yet ANOTHER two weeks worth so that I have a total of six weeks worth of prepared meals in the freezer just waiting until our little one arrives and that will make live SO MUCH EASIER ON ME!

So, while I'm making my lists of menu items I want to prepare, I will be watching the sales ads for the local grocery stores which will enable me to stock up on the "loss leaders" at the grocery stores.

And when you're short on time but want something big on flavor -- I have a simple go to meal -- chicken quesadillas! You need NOTHING to make these and they're so filling.
The recipe is SO simple, all you need is:
  • a can of chunk white meat chicken in water
  • a can of black beans, drained
  • a can of diced/chopped green chilies
  • a can of Mexicorn, drained
  • flour tortillas (you choose the size, I buy the huge ones)
  • grated Mexican blend cheese (cheddar/jack is one of our favorite combos)
  • dipping sauces -- guacamole, salsa and/or sour cream

One of my little treats I bought for myself was a GIGANTIC electric griddle. I can make lots of pancakes with it at one time. However, last night I was making quesadillas with them. Heat it to about 350 degrees and put on one tortilla, top that with cheese, and then sprinkle the ingredients you want atop that... top with more cheese and then with the other tortilla. Flip once (I have a gigantic silicone spatula for pancakes that works fantastically with these). And I use my handy dandy pizza cutter to just slice them into wedges. DELICIOUS and SO quick and filling! (That is, unless you have a 5 year old that hates cheese and refuses to eat them... at which time my new rotisserie/convection/toaster oven comes in very handy to warm up chicken nuggets in a jiffy!) Ha!

Tonight we're under a "winter weather advisory" -- which means that they think we'll get something and we probably won't. I love the snow but almost hope it doesn't ruin tomorrow -- it's Drew's Valentine's party at school! I'd hate for him to miss it.

Saturday I'm going shopping for my big Valentine's dinner at the house. I'll post more about that later. I've got to get some snapshots of the boys to put in the picture frames. That will be fun. And you'll love to see what Josh made for the grandmothers! Duct tape isn't just for fixing leaks anymore! It's for Valentine's gifts now too! Ha ha! You'll see!

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Frugal Vicki said...

Wow, that sounds a lot better than my go-to meal of tuna fish sandwiches. I feel less guilty than pb&j