Friday, February 19, 2010

Exposing Your Kids to YOUR Youth

I took a stroll down memory lane this afternoon with my kiddos. I introduced them not only to Cinderella, but also to Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister's video, "We're Not Gonna Take It."

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And This Song still brings back great memories! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! I don't think you'll ever get the head bangin' hair band lovin' gene from my body!

Now, don't think I'm going to start growing my boys' hair out only to tease it to be taller than they are. What started this all was that yesterday Drew heard Twisted Sister's song on the radio. Then, today when we picked him up from his reading class, Josh asked him his favorite song. Without hesitation, Drew replied, "Not Gonna Take It." I thought this was hilarious. He just has a favorite ________ du jour depending on what he'd heard the previous day. It's cute.
We got into this whole discussion of hair bands and such. I tried to describe what Dee Snyder looked like to Josh and finally said that I'd look up the video and show him. Josh was a little freaked out. I said, "But in that era, it was normal for hair bands." Which was the truth and I loved every minute of it!

And a further stroll farther down memory lane... since I was a little girl ONCE (loooooooooooong time ago)... Barbie was seemingly every little girl's coveted play thing (not really, but just play along). She was so fun. I remember the white doll house my grandfather had made for me. I'd make furniture for it and my grandmother and I would sew clothing for her. All kinds of creative "stuff". I had the creativity in my head and had to make it for it to be in my hands. HOWEVER, the stuff they have for her now -- really grosses me out! YUCK! I'm just thankful I have boys.

We just saw a commercial today for this Barbie product -- here's the description from their website: Barbie® doll has new puppies! Girls can help nurture the pets by giving them water and training them to potty on the paper, which then changes color to yellow and brown. Each pup goes in a different way: the boy dog potties when you lift his leg; the girl dog squats when you press her back; and the third just needs a squeeze on the tummy.

I mean.... do you see the little dog on the bottom left of Barbie? ? Here -- take a closer look. It's got it's leg HIKED UP?! I'm sorry, but geez Louise! STOP it with the stupidity. Someone should lose their job for this. How freakin ridiculous!

and I remember seeing THIS ONE one ... who wants fake poop? I'm sorry, but freakin EWW! I think there needs to be a line between what is just a child's toyish plaything and something that is just... well, gross. I don't want my kids playing with the REAL stuff why in the WORLD would I buy them FAKE poop to take care of? I mean, it's bad enough you have to pick that stuff up for real in the back yard just to enjoy the company of my little fur babies. If they're going to start thinking any type of bodily function is a toy... what's next? Burping Barbie?

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chksngr said...

Love your musical references. Sharing the music of our youth with our kids has been really easy for us - cuz we are still listning to a lot of that music day to day in our house...For Scott its more hip hop and dance music, for me its metal and rock. Of course I was supposed to be born a decade earlier, cuz I actually LOVE the 70's music...and the kids get a fair exposure to that too...And, funny thing...when Scott's grandmother moved out of her house after living there for 50 years, she found a stash of clothing that had belonged to him when he was a kid...Jayden now wears one of the jackets that Scott wore when he was a little little boy. We don't share many toys, but honestly, Jayden likes our tv - like Scooby Doo and the Jetsons! He thinks they are HYSTERICAL!