Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laziness b/c of the Internet

Ha ha... did you notice that even I was lazy in even typing the title of this entry because everyone KNOWS that b/c means "because"... ha ha ha! Now that's funny!

Anywho, I'm on Facebook and since I have an e-mail address, I routinely get e-mail forwards from people wanting me to "join a cause" or "sign this petition" when people don't realize that these things DO NOT MATTER! If you truly feel strongly enough to do something, clicking on a button or adding your name to a list that will never see the 18 lb. paper it should be printed upon doesn't make a hill of beans difference to the cause. I never fill them out. I never forward them. I never add my name. It's not that I don't care. I just know that THAT is not what matters. What needs to happen is that if people want to be supporters of a cause or a movement, they need to become PART of that movement. The internet has made us lazy into thinking that adding our name to a list makes a difference and it simply DOES NOT.

HOWEVER, there ARE causes out there where your click DOES matter and the point in case is the Pepsi Refresh Project. Pepsi is giving $1.3M in grants to programs and ideas that are voted on BY YOU!!! They have categories from health to arts & culture to food & shelter to the planet to neighbors to education. The ideas are a plenty... the causes are worthy and now it's time for YOU to take the initiative to VOTE! You get to vote a few times a day so why not use your clicker to make your vote count for something YOU really stand behind!

The NFL is even on the bandwagon with one of the 3 finalist's ideas getting $100K to their cause. Mark Sanchez, Demarcus Ware and Drew Brees all have ideas up for vote -- PICK ONE! Here's the link so you have no excuse! VOTE HERE Take a moment to review the videos. I'm not going to say that any one is better than the other because I certainly love all three ideas. I, personally, voted for Demarcus Ware's idea because I believe you have to give children hope and give them an opportunity to be kids. However, I'd be happy for any of the ideas to be chosen!

So, indulge the laziness now and VOTE!

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