Friday, February 19, 2010

Slowly but surely it's coming together!

In preparation for "Bean's" arrival, there has been much going on at the Driggers household!
  • The playroom: The playroom has moved to what was the formal dining. That has been taped off and will be awaiting painters to paint it the same red as my family room. My dad bought and installed a beautiful ceiling fan for me for Christmas and it's just LOVELY. Once the walls are painted, IKEA will be getting a visit from me and I built (via their online tools) an AWESOME entertainment/storage system that won't break the bank and will enable me to make sure everything has a home!

  • The formal living room: The formal living room went BYE BYE! Most of the FLR furniture was moved to Andy's work (since there was an empty office where it could be stored. :)

  • The formal dining room: This is now what WAS the formal living room. This room will be painted and then I have someone scheduled to come do a faux mural type thing above the fire place so there will be NO NEED for an ugly huge golf painting up there anymore (don't worry, I WILL take before/after photos). I LOVE my formal dining room being in here. The high ceilings offer so much more "formal-ness" to the room. The only thing besides paint this needs is a) a new centerpiece for the table and b) for the electricians to come install the light fixture that needs to be special ordered.

  • PAINT! I have a gentleman calling on Monday who is going to be repainting most of the interior to this beautiful gold color that really goes with the red in the family room and also really makes the crown molding pop! He's also going to go over all the baseboards and will be painting my bathroom cabinets black and also sanding and refinishing my kitchen island black! I can't wait for that transformation! So that will be scheduled on Monday.

  • CARPET! I finally picked out what I wanted to be put in my bedroom -- I'm going for a super thick, lush, dense ... ??? shag-ish style carpet. I LOVE IT! And I did NOT want carpet but at this point, it's better than bare concrete! Shhhh! Yes, I ripped the carpet up off the floor then couldn't decide if I wanted stained concrete with a huge rug, hardwoods or carpet again... I just went on and on and on.. it was really stupid... but since I finally decided, it was worth the wait! :)

  • RUGS! Once I get the hardwoods refinished (that'll be in a couple of months), I'll have the rugs cleaned (they're rolled up in the garage) and that will be an AWESOME thing!!

  • NICHE: My dad helped me clear out the niche completely and painted it the gold color that I'm painting everything else -- why? So we can go ahead and get the AWESOME Bily Bookcases from IKEA this weekend and get them put together! It's going to look AMAZING! I can't wait to get all the boys books uploaded on the shelves and just have it be a beautiful little library for them!

It's going to be an amazing transformation over the next few months and I'm so looking forward to it! It's been a long time coming but then again -- I brought much of that upon myself because I'm forever taking my time to make a decision.

The only problem I seem to face now is finding a place to put the CLUTTER!!! OMG there is so much CLUTTER! I ask myself -- when did I get all this CRAP!?! Purging feels GOOD!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow my dear I'm just amazed and so jealous! It sounds so wonderful and what a great fresh start!

Your Grace is Enough when I came over and man I so needed that! Thanks for that wonderful song to bring me up!

chksngr said...

I have re-decoration envy...sadly, its just not in our budget just now. We will be doing some stuff before the end of the year tho! Its so funny - we moved into this house thinking we were going to do this and that and the next thing you know, I'm pregnant! :-)...not the sort of addition we were thinking about! hee hee!!!