Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Muh ha ha ha ha ha

Do you like my evil mom laugh? ha ha.... seriously, I'm hysterically laughing! This morning Drew dropped the Direct TV remote control, unfortunately, for the last time and it burst/shattered/split into a million little pieces. And let me tell you, it was already TAPED TOGETHER with black electrical tape from all the previous floor meetings it'd had over the past couple of years.

Josh just made his lunch and was wanting to watch something (typically MythBusters) while he ate and I took a breather (read that as checking e-mail and feeding my blog addiction.) He realized that he wasn't able to change the channel. I started a slight giggle. I said, "Oh, you can still turn the TV on on the side but you'll be stuck watching whatever channel was on last." I knew it was Playhouse Disney -- not exactly the channel choice for an almost 11 year old. It's hard not to have a huge grin on my face when he reached to turn it on only to see "The Happy Monster Band." Here check it out for yourselves. Bwa ha ha ha ha! The drama that ensued afterwards was SO ... so... Oscar worthy! I seriously was laughing out loud!!!!

He soon realized that he could change the input and we're now watching Liar, Liar (with Jim Carrey). It's such a hilarious movie. Anyways, that's the funny for the day.

Josh was commenting now that he'd have to get up to push the button so he'd know what it was like to have had television in "the old days." (I guess that means that >>>>>I<<<<< lived in the old days, huh?) I did send out an SOS to the only household technologically savvy person I know (Andy) and he said that I should fix the remote (he obviously didn't see how many pieces it broke into) but now, the thought of my kids not having something to sit and drain their brain because the remote is broken ... shucks... is it a sin that I love that it's broken?!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thank you for your prayerful reminders. We really will find peace in Christ!