Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow, waiting really sucks!

Well, I've tried. I've tried and I've tried to be patient and put off going to the grocery store in hopes to have my books in hand this weekend in order to start my meal planning but OH NO... nothing is here yet! WAAAH!! I'm wondering if my postal worker is a secret blog follower and knows what goodies I have coming and has been spying on my mail!!! ha ha!

Today was a dreary day. Cold and rainy. Not a lot of fun. Both of the boys woke up late. I had a headache. Drew's speech therapy evaluation was canceled due to the insurance company not confirming that the therapist is covered under their policy. I could complain BUT it just meant that we all stayed in, stayed dry and stayed warm. I let the boys play instead of going right to school after lunch. Since Josh didn't get up early, we didn't start school today until about 3:00 p.m. It's not a super busy day anyway and since it's so ugly, he won't be playing outside so no harm / no foul.

Drew wanted to do some "work" too so he was spelling short sentences on notebook paper. I really need to start Handwriting Without Tears with him so that he learns proper letter formation before it's too late. I wonder how homeschooling him would be? He's a little more active than Josh. The only "fear" I have is that they teach the D'Nealian alphabet at Fort Worth Christian (which I despise!). SO... I may send him next year and then pull him and homeschool him until they're out of the "handwriting phase" and then put him back in!

I did let Josh know today that it was his choice for what he wanted to do with school next year. He can homeschool and stay in Creative Arts in Action (acting / sculpture) or he can attend FWC with Drew.

Speaking of the boys... here's their photo of the day. :) Don't let the innocent smiles fool you... they are best friends and mortal enemies at times. LOL. Today has just been one of those days where I thought... you know... I'm about to get all their hair cut off... I need a "now" photo. :)

The other thing I was planning to do today was post my Menu Plan Monday but since we don't have my MENU PLANNED (how that became a "we" statement, I haven't a clue).... I am not posting it.

I do know tonight is spaghetti... tomorrow is probably going to be chicken quesadilias... Wednesday and on is undecided. :)

More later...

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