Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gateway -- how refreshing!

I set aside all of my premeditated ideas of what the whole experience was goign to be and made a promise to myself to make the most out of this visit to Gateway. We arrived and there was parking (being a Guest has its benefit!) My friend Brad and his wife Melissa were there. He pre-registered my kids for me as guests so that we had an easy entrance. We got Drew checked in.... we went upstairs and the area for kids where Josh was... was... AMAZING! They had a live worship for them as well. I know he enjoyed that. I wish he had a friend there but I know that he will make some! :) We did a small tour, took our seats and the service began.

The worship was ... AMAZING! I LOVED IT! It was so didn't feel overdone. It was brilliantly done. I loved it. LOVED IT!

Then they had the pastor up on the screen (it was filmed earlier in the day)... and honestly, it wasn't weird at all. It was warm and meaningful and I really liked it. He did a brief interview with Vernon Wells.... some baseball player... about his testimony. It was really nice. He gave a message to take away ... and then it was over. It felt like it lasted about 10 minutes. I could have sat there and listened to that man for hours! HOW REFRESHING!

Both of the boys had a great time...

AND.... on my way out, a woman was like "OH MY GOSH you look great" and told me you cant even tell I'm pregnant from the back... it's all just in the belly. How cute!

I know it's really early to say this but... I think we may have found a new church home! For that, I thank God for giving me a chance to open my eyes and my heart to the possibility that he wants us to find a place to plug into. :) Thank you Jesus for giving me the friendship of the Conlons and for them to have the heart to make us feel welcome...

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. What an amazing church! It sounds so warm and caring. It is great that they have a service for the children too.