Friday, February 26, 2010

Motherhood -- a Blessing?

A great blog I follow called Heavenly Homemakers had an entry today called "Children... A Blessing?" And it was so poignant I wanted to direct you her way so you could read it (and comment) for yourself. Check it out HERE.

My comment to the verbiage exchange: I love all of this discussion. Motherhood: a blessing and a curse. It's a job that you won't see the fruits of your labors until they're in their 20s or maybe even their 30s. It's thankless and wonderful... and tiring and inspiring. It's the epitome of hope to make the world a better place.
BUT... on those days ... like I had this morning... I just say to myself, "Now I know why some species eat their young."

Yes, it's been one o' those days! It'll get better... but for now... yeah, that's how I feel.


MaryC said...

Trust me, next to being a Mother-In-Law, motherhood is the hardest job on the planet.
Hang in there my friend.

ModernMom said...

You know it's sad, but I'm not sure I truly appreciated everyting my Mother did for me, sacrficed for me, until I became a Mom! Best and hardest job ever.

chksngr said...

MARY!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'll be a mother-in-law to a BOY some day...mine has been AMAZING since about October of last year. That woman has been totally watchin' out for me! I LOVE being a mom...I waited too long to be one not to totally enjoy every crazy minute of it...even when the oldest head-butt's me so hard that I felt like I had to throw up. That sort of thing would only happen in my life if I was a mom - cuz I'm certainly not joining the AFC! I never did realize how much heartache I gave my own mom until I became one, tho...I guess that is the circle of life.