Saturday, February 13, 2010

Since I know the grand-folk aren't blog creepers

And they're coming over for V-day tomorrow for our special dinner, I'm going to go ahead and post the adorable photos I took of the boys to go in their photo frames they painted for the grandparents. Each of them will get 2 frames, one from each kiddo and each holding a different photo. I'll take the photos of the picture frames all finished once we get the photos in -- I can't pick them up from Walgreens until 6:45 so for now, the photos will have to do! :)

I have a simple black linen drape that I hung over chairs in order to get the boys in front of a "black backdrop." I also have an off-white linen colored one that showed the wrinkles VERY BADLY but I just loved the photos and I don't care about the wrinkles at this point!
There are certain things that I'd love to have and learn to use better. One would be a flash diffuser...another would be to make one of THESE fantastic do it yourself PVC backdrops. Now, the guy making this is using it for a green screen but I don't need one of those, I just need something to hold my backdrop so that I can have my boys in front of it and it look beautiful!
You know the best part of taking these photos... we all started out in a bad mood and by the end, we were all laughing and smiling and in a great mood.
Small favors -- I thank the Lord for them every day!


janet said...

They are so damn cute, April!! Love the pictures!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Are your kids that photogenic or are you just THAT good? Awesome pics...the grandfolk will love it ;-)