Monday, February 8, 2010

A delay.... and a question I've posed before

I was all gung ho to make a great entry this evening, but alas, I'm being kicked in the ribs so I'm going to go recline and read not one...but TWO OF MY BOOKS THAT CAME IN TODAY! Dream Dinners and Don't Panic -- Dinner's in the Freezer! I'm sure they'll be read cover to cover by the morning! (ha)

However, I will have a plan in place for tomorrow and I do look forward to sharing that with you guys tomorrow! And for those that have YET to embark upon the wonders of OAMC (once a month cooking) you simply don't know the freedom and time you're missing. The present is a GIFT and utilizing a OAMC approach, you give yourself SO MUCH MORE! It's priceless -- truly priceless!

And, now for my question. I'm now in the world of the Blackberry which I love because I can sync it up with my Microsoft Outlook. My calendar is thus, always up to date and at my fingertips. I think I'm just having a hard time totally embracing the age of technology and I miss writing down my stuff. Isn't that WEIRD? Does anyone else still utilize an actual day planner that is paper? Many of the blogs I surf, follow, subscribe to, etc. are doing reviews of all these different mom planners and they just look great. I just don't want to buy yet another one only to have nothing to do with it because it's ONE MORE THING for me to do?!

The one thing I do currently, for written calendaring, is print out our weekly schedule on the computer and highlight who does what (certain colors for each person) and so then we can see at a moment's notice what is going on for a particular day. But for my menu plan, I have that on a separate sheet hanging on the fridge. My "to do list" is just a list of stuff in my blackberry that are on my "task list" in Outlook. My projects that require more than electronic notes are in a purple binder near my computer... what does everyone else do to stay organized and on top of your life? I'd love to hear how everyone else keeps track of their to do's, their grocery lists, their meal plans, their schedules....


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok I must read these books, wow I must check out more about this way of cooking. I just started the meal planing for the week and working slowly on to it! :)

Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following now too!

Stephanie said...

I am absolutely 'GaGa' for

I think it's from Betty Crocker, but it's free and amazing. You can keep the whole family's schedule on there and then look at the whole thing or one person at a time. You can even have it send text or e-mail reminders to each member of the family.

I couldn't live without my cozi. I keep it open 24/7 on both my computers and have a short cut on my phone for it.