Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decorative Bedding!

WOO HOO.. I finally did it. I made a freakin decision! I feel so proud. Since I'm in the mode of nesting, decorating, purging, I've been looking for some bedding for my bedroom. My room has FAR too much brown in it. The bedding has ALWAYS been brown (except for the one time I purchased something with some red/navy blue in it. It was nice but still TOO dark!) The walls are taupe with white trim and crown molding. The carpet was taupe (notice I saw WAS because I ripped it up and now it's bare concrete.) The curtains.... yeah, you guessed it - taupe. The furniture, dark cherry wood. It's FAR too much brown and lacking in any sort of color. So instead of painting the walls (which I secretely wanted to do a bluish-grey) I opted to change out the bedding and I LOVE THE LOOK OF WHAT I GOT! I couldn't be happier!

Since my bathroom is completely void of color, too, I'm painting the cabinets black. With the contrasting white flooring, white/light taupe wallpaper and white countertop I think this will all just blend together beautifully! Now to figure out how to add a few pops of color here and there...any ideas? I'm just so excited!!!

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