Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Yeah, I've heard that before but I'm SO ANXIOUSLY AWAITING MY BOOKS I CAN'T STAND IT!

I'm been saving and cataloging all the information I'm receiving on the freezer cooking I can but I'm waiting on my four resources that I recently purchased and WHY ARENT THEY HERE YET DAG NABBIT?!

I'll share my anticipated goodies with you anyhow.

The first book is called "Sleep On It" and features meals that you mostly prepare ahead of time and then have minimal (if any) prep work to do the next day when it's time to eat so you can actually enjoy your family/company/guests.

The second book is called Fix Freeze Feast and is all about bulk cooking. I have heard GREAT things about this one and really look forward into adding some of the recipes (over 125) to my menu rotation! WOO HOO!

The third book is called Dream Dinners. It was actually a book that was recommended by a blogger that I love and respect who is also a once a month cooker! There used to be a franchise around where you could go and prepare your own meals to take home and freeze called Dream Dinners -- I'm sure it's the same founders! Hopefully they'll share some of their delicious meals with me in this! I can't wait to devour every page!

And then, there's Don't Panic -- Dinner's in the Freezer! I've been coveting this book so long it's like... stupid that I never bought it before now! And, of course, there's a sequel to this one but since I don't even have the first in the series, I'll wait on the sequel (perhaps) but not too long!

And lastly, there's the Once A Month Cooking book. Again, another book that was recommended and taht I'd heard great things about but never purchased. Why? I don't know but I just know that I NEED it now! Ha ha!

So, between THIS, the blogs I'm frequently lurking about on and my ridiculous, anal-retentativeness with planning and organization, I should have myself all set up and ready to go for March's cooking fiesta!
I can't wait! Stay tuned because I will CERTAINLY be sure to review and share the recipes that I try.

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