Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's morning

It was a great morning. I was up early, the kids got their cinnamon rolls ready. I have a policy that whomever is up first for breakfast usually gets to ask for whatever they want unless I've already got something planned, so Drew was up first. His choice won. I packed his lunch for school (the standard: 1/2 of a sun butter (sunflower seed "peanut" butter) and strawberry jelly sandwich, chocolate milk, GoGurt, bag of chips and a banana) and then and I got a shower and ready. I ate earlier (a banana and a cup of milk) since I had my glucose test today at Dr. Cowen's office. The boys got themselves ready and we were out the door on time...

Enroute to Drew's school, I drank that nasty super duper sticky sweet orange drink that you have to have an hour before the appointment. Made it to Drew's school on time but late to the doctor's office because there was NO parking. It's crazy that even with that new huge parking garage they opened, there's no place to park there ever. Hate that but hey, we can always use the exercise. We were finished at 11 so I went by the bank to get some cash out and then Josh and I went to Chipotle - YUM-O! Typically, I can eat an ENTIRE veggie burrito. Granted, I'm stuffed afterwards for the most part of the rest of the day. Now, however, I can eat half. Next time, I'll just split one with Josh. Half price! What a bargain!

While we were there, he had a few good ones -- I don't even remember the conversation we were having but it he was doing something goofy like going back and forth in his booth seat like a pendulem so I was following him with my eyes only (imagine watchign a tennis match by only moving your eyes). He said, "Medusa." I was like, "What's Medusa got to do with Chipotle?" He said, "You know that painting of that lady wher ethey say her eyes follow you every where?" I said, "... you mean the Mona Lisa?" With that, I began laughing hysterically. He said, "You're going to put that on Facebook aren't you?" I just smiled and said, "No, but it'll go on my blog.... mythological creature... classic masterpiece... Hmmmmm."

He's working on his math right now... I'm trying to get a plan! We stopped by Michaels to get goodies to make for the grandmothers and grandfathers. I'm opposed to spending an exhorbitant amount of money on a stupid evening for an over-rated holiday so I'd rather spend it WITH the people that I love, not surrounded by tons of strangers in a restaurant. So, we're having it here at the house. More on that later!

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