Monday, February 1, 2010

Productive Day

Today was a rather productive day. Wake up to the sound of my little one on the computer logging into to play a game or two of Safari Mah-jong. I grabbed a quick shower, did the whole "mom uniform" thing (you know, sweats, comfy shirt, tennis shoes), dabbed on a spot of make-up, pulled the ole mop back into a tie and went to the kitchen to start my day.

Drew wanted waffles for breakfast. Good thing because that was right up my alley today. We got waffled up. I called upstairs because another little sleepyhead forgot to set his alarm and was still snoozing at 8:30 a.m. (when he was supposed to be up at 7:00 a.m.)

Today is "Pat day." It's the day my housekeeper comes. I look forward to this more than a lot of things. I just feel the stress lifted from my shoulders knowing that my house is dusted, mopped, vacuumed and neatened. I am thankful for my Pat days.

Today was also "Jungle class" for Drew and acting class for Josh. We hit the road, deposited Drew at class (it's only from 10am to 11:50am) and headed straight for Hobby Lobby. Why Hobby Lobby? I purchased three candle warmers because everyone I know loves them and uses them and swears they make your candles last 10 times longer. It's like the base of a coffee pot or a little hot pad. You set a candle that's in a metal or glass container on it and it heats from the bottom up melts the wax which makes the aroma of the candle fantastic and then dries beautifully back to normal without any weird melting spots and no suit accumulating in your house bit by bit. I went upstairs and plugged in this one thinking how wonderful it was goign to be to have a candle upstairs without worrying about the flame... only when I went upstairs on Friday to check it out, the glass had shattered and there was hot wax all over my $2K table! I was FREAKING OUT! I did everything by the rules on the package. SO, needless to say, the broken glass/melted candle and all three of the hot pads went back to Hobby Lobby this morning. From there I hit Whataburger for a taquito (I was starving!) and headed to take Josh to acting class.

I came home, picked up a couple of packages that I needed to mail as well as a text book that someone had purchased from me. I then went to pick up Drew, pick up Josh and we went to meet Andy for lunch. Drew wanted to see his daddy. With my ever expanding waistline, I can't eat even an "average" sized meal anymore without my ribs feeling like they're going to be at max capacity and potentially explode. UGH. I can't believe I have two more months of this misery! Petite and pregnant SUCKS!

We came home. Drew wanted to see his Mimi so we phoned. No answer and left her a message. I began school with Josh around 2pm. Yeah, we were late bloomers today. We'd started with spelling but he didn't do so hot... missed 6 of the first 8 words. We generally make it through quite a few before we have to stop because he accumulates a total of six. Therefore, he was bummed. Oh well. He did a great job on his math test from Friday, however - 91. We left to take Drew to his Mimi's and then came back and got started.

I am finding my temper is a little shorter but I'm also realizing my kids need to react the first time I ask something. Constant reminders and nagging only lead to short attention spans and disobedience so, here is your rule, here is your consequence, I hope you choose wisely.

I did get two pair of jeans that I'd purchased off e-bay in the mail today. One is like a foot too long. I hate tall people! ha ha! :) JUST KIDDING. It's hard to buy jeans at my height because I'm like just a hint too short for petite clothes but "regular" are generally too long. It really sucks sometimes. Especially when you're in desparate need of jeans! I was really hoping the two packages were two of my four books on FREEZER COOKING that I'd ordered this weekend!

I'm also expecting a huge shipment from Macy's. Since I didn't get to go to Canton b/c of health issues and the freezing temperatures, I chose to shop online. I bought some new bath rugs and decorative towels that were on sale at Macy's. I also splurged and bought a bread maker AND a new convection/toaster/rotisserie oven. I can't WAIT to try that out. I hate having to cook the meal and then have to wait for the rolls b/c I have no way to cook rolls that generally have to cook at a higher temperature than whatever I'm serving for the evening. It's a pain in the butt! So, I'm hoping this is just an amazing tool for me! That would have been a great box to have on the porch too!

Anyway, just another day in the life. I need to get busy taking some pictures and actually getting some formal pictures of my boys. I've been such a horrible slacker and now that I have new batteries I have NO EXCUSE not to take more photos!

I think my next venture is having my son build me a PVC photo backdrop holder! :) We'll see... I'll find that link and post it. It looks like an amazing toy/tool to have.

Toodles and goodnight everyone!


MaryC said...

You certainly are a busy little bee. I get tired just reading all the stuff you do.

Greta Adams said...

i do think she did...when i checked right before the polls closed she was way ahead ....woot woot...thanks sista