Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let's Get Crafty!

One of the most awesome things about the blogosphere is that we all have access to the amazing and creative brains that are so generous enough to share with us their creations. I'm a Pinterest whore.  I'll admit that here and now.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  I have found the most amazing fall creations that I have added to my "to do" list as soon as humanly possibly.  Want to check out my fall collection?  Here is my Fall Pinterest board. Check these babies out!

Crushed Velvet-ish Pumpkins at House of Hawthornes

Making velvet or fabric pumpkins for fall. Quick and easy DIY project - from

And while this isn't really a craft per se, it is a way to fill your home with the delicious aromas of fall with a recipe for a potpourri from a blog called How Sweet It Is.
homemade simmering spices - how to make your house smell amazing during the holidays! I

Lastly, since I have an addiction to all things pumpkin in decorating for fall, these were just too cute not to pin for future reference!  Pumpkins from a 4x4 post on Simply Kierste.  Love her blog!

4x4 striped & polka dot pumpkin |

Do you have a fun fall craft you enjoy doing?  Link up at the month long blogathon at the MRS. & the MOMMA. #NovemberBlogathon 

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Paula Kaye said...

I always have orange slices, apple slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering on my stove from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Just love how it makes us all smell Christmasy!