Friday, November 14, 2014

Brown Paper Packages

...tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things.

Today's topic:  Introduce 3 blogs you read/frequent and tell why you enjoy them.

I'm a bit of a blog whore.  I love blogs.  I love the creativity out there that the internet has freed in everyone! So narrowing this down to THREE is going to be really hard....

Paleo On A Budget.
When I first was diagnosed with Crohn's and started researching a healthier lifestyle, the Paleo "diet" (not as in weightloss, but more of a LIFESTYLE was one that my doctor agreed with.  So I stared with a book called It Starts With Food. After finishing that, I began researching Paleo blogs.  Paleo on a Budget was one of the first Paleo blogs I followed and one of the first paleo cookbooks I purchased. Her photographs are vibrant and... let's face it... it makes me want a scratch-and-sniff screen!  Liz, the blog owner is friendly, helpful and full of great recipes and advice.  

INTRO PHOTO2Through The Front Door
I've followed Collette on Instagram for a while and I had NO IDEA she had a blog (hangs head in shame).  Her decorating sense is just AMAZING.  Have "known" her for a while because of a national scrapbooking group we were in.  She has a beautiful soul and it transcends through her photos and blog.  I want her to come decorate my entire home!  She creates beautiful vignettes.  

The Pioneer Woman
Ree is just awesome.  She's real and wholesome and funny and her photographs are just phonemenal.  I have two cookbooks and while she's not like... Bobby Flay, she's down home and the food is GOOD!  

Why don't you take pause, contempate and then put yourself out there as well. Maybe you'll see what similar crazy randomness you have in common with the rest of the bloggers who have set forth on the November Blogathon hosted at the Mrs. and the Momma.  #NovemberBlogathon

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Paula Kaye said...

I am going to try Paleo after the first of the year. I want it for weight loss and if good health follows then yea for me! I will check out the blog. And I will go look at Through The Front Door. Sounds good! I am not a Pioneer Woman fan but I do make some of her down-home recipes and they are usually a hit