Monday, November 3, 2014

November Blog Challenge

Today's topic:  There are 30 days in November, so share 30 facts about yourself.

1) I'm ultra low maintenance.  I don't understand the "why's" of extreme high maintenance.  I just don't get it.  I don't mean to say I don't take pride in my appearance, but I really don't care what anyone thinks of me so I feel no need to impress anyone.  Plus, the idea of sitting on my butt so often having my hair, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, botox, this and that done just wears me out.  I can understand a treat now and then, but seriously, I haven't had a haircut... wow... yeah, see, I don't even remember the last time I had a haircut.  Baseball caps and ponytails are my signature!

2) I'm a Scouter... meaning I'm active in Cub Scouts and have a Boy Scout, too (though I'm not active in his Troop any longer).  Male egos really are something to laugh at.  I don't play politics either.  THe program should be about,for and because of the boys... any other reason and you really need to find a new hobby.
    3) Boston Terriers are my thing.  I love rescue pups and have adopted two who turned out to be fantastic dogs, but I just love, love LOVE Boston terriers.

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    4) I absolutely love to cook and would love to go to culinary school just to learn more than I do about food.

    5) When I do laundry, if there are holes in anything, I trash it.  The men in my home often wonder where their socks have all disappeared to.  {looking around... I have NO idea... hmmmm...}
    May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day
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    6) I want to cut my hair but I hate the idea of it being short and having to fix it  Plus, I hate my hair in my face.  I have no idea how women can stand this crap.  I mean, the style is adorable and I love the curls... the color from light to dark is called "ombre" and it's super trendy.  However, it would drive me NUTSO having to look through those bangs so it's totally not worth it OR the amount of Aqua Net that would be required to render it immobile.

    I like the ombre dye job and the back of the hairstyle.  I could not carry off the swoopy bangs, though.  Hate hair hanging in my face.
    Photo from Pinterest

    7) Sushi is not my thing.  I tried California rolls on my birthday about 15 years ago and... if we're being honest here -- my mouth is just too small to eat the whole thing in one bite.  I was told you don't take bites of sushi, but that you just EAT the whole thing at once.  No can do!  I felt like I was going to gag because my mouth was so full.  That wasn't an enjoyable experience.  I dug around a bit to find some sushi etiquette that states the same thing I was told.  Unless I've got a flip top head or a mouth like Steven Tyler, this girl is out on the sea weed and fish.
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    8) I have Crohn's Disease.  I was only diagnosed in the last couple of years.  Thus, I'm still learning how to revamp my diet, lifestyle, world in order to do all I need to do and be healthy.  

    9) I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Moreso than Facebook.  I would leave Facebook altogether if I had to pick between the two.  Click here to follow me!

    10) I'm a 4.0 student who rarely had to study for much of anything... and really struggle with the feeling that I should be using my brain for more than meal planning, carpooling and party planning.

    11) I have three boys who are all in very different stages of life.  I have a high school freshman who is a total jock.  I have a 4th grader who is a total nerd.  I have a preschooler who is a total pain in the butt.

    12) I just started selling Thirty-One gifts because I absolutely love all of mine so much and know that they sell themselves.
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    13) Saying that I was sick of the government over-regulating absolutely ever facet of our lives (from what kind of lightbulb we can have to how many miles per gallon our vehicles can get) really beats me down.  I'm neither Republican nor Democrat but I know that our country has NEVER been more divided than it has become and I think that the big cheese needs to own it as any leader should.  We need NO more Clintons OR Bushes in the White House.

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    14) A Paleo-ish lifestyle is one that I'm learning to adopt.... I say "ish" because I will still continue to eat dairy to some degree (yogurt is my friend).

    15) I love magazines... I love flipping through their glossy pages and tearing out new recipes and ideas but I just don't have time for them any longer and ended every single one of my subscriptions.  I don't like online magazines, however.  There's something about holding it in your hand that just suits me better.

    16) If I had no responsibilities, I could stay in my jammies reading books!  I love to read.

    17) I love Batman.  George Cloony was the worst Batman ever.  Christian Bale's voice drove me nuts, however good he took on the persona, his voice was just stupid!

    18) I would move back to Colorado in a heartbeat just to be near the mountains and have a view of Pike's Peak every morning like I used to.  

    19) I hate driving a minivan.  I want a big ass extended length Expedition.

    20) I'm not afraid of snakes, spiders or mice.  If you get me near something that flies, buzzes and stings I will LOSE MY SHIT and run around screaming like a girl with my arms flailing.  It's not pretty.
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    21) Seinfeld was my favorite TV show ever.  I use references to that TV show on a daily basis.  
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    22) I wish our country was as concerned about recycling and protecting the environment than they are.  People throw things away and then it's just gone to them... out of sight, out of mind.  But we just BURY our trash... ??? How is that a healthy way to protect our environment?  I just don't get why that's okay in any way, shape or form.

    23) Starbucks... It took me a while to become an addict.  I mean... I'm 41 and just in the last year started drinking coffee.  However, I can't drink "coffee" coffee.  I drink iced coffee with more crap in it than should be allowed.  Iced coffee flavored sugar milk is more like it.  But, it's good.  I like it. Yay, I'm a grown up.
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    24) I don't watch television.  I hate reality TV and the idea of just sitting down and wasting time WATCHING something where I give someone complete control over my imagination kills me.  I prefer to read, write or create so that I have total control over the complete creative process.
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    25) I wish I knew how to build things... like with wood... using power tools.  I would feel like the ultimate badass if I did.  Until then, I'm a badass in training.

    26) I have empty frames on the wall without pictures...and have...for a couple of years.  It's sad.  I need to print off photos but that means that I have to take the TIME to do it.  Apparently, it's not high on my priority list.  

    27) I have little fingers.  Not as in the length of my fingers, but the size of my fingers.  My ring size is 4.75.  I can never find costume jewelry to fit me.

    28) I would love to understand the step-by-step process to study my family's genealogy and wish I knew more about my lineage. 
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    29) I like to sing.  Like.. A LOT!  Music is a very important part of my life.  I like a little bit of all genres.  I can pass on most rap, classical (it really puts me to sleep), and jazz, but I like just about anything else.  
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    30) I have created an entire personal monthly calendar / schedule which could basically be a home keeping binder for busy moms to use.  This would help keep their entire life on track... household chores, exercise, nutrition, obligations, etc.  I'm tweaking my prototype a little at a time but hope to market next summer.

    So, that's the 30 facts about me.  Join in the blog hop!  I'd love to read about you!


    The Mrs. and The Momma said...

    Love it April!!!! You are one cool momma!!!! :) Thanks so much for joining me in the blog challenge! xx, Kristen

    Paula Kaye said...

    What a great blog hop you've found. I like your 30 facts. I have never, ever been to Starbucks. I can't imagine how crazy it would be to have 3 boys all in different stages of life. We are still Boy Scouting here too

    Michelle Melville said...

    I love all of your pictures! How fun! I'm a new follower from the November Blogathon!