Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Favorite Moments

Sometimes it's fun to stroll down memory lane... today's topic on the November Blogathon is to share three of my favorite posts from my blog.

I've had this blog a few years and to be quite frank, my memory is shit, but in doing a general topic scroll of the archives... these definitely popped out at me.

Not to be a downer but this post and this post definitely are two of the more poignant walks down memory lane that I've had because of dealing with the death of my beloved Boston Terrier, Gidget... and this one was one I wrote about losing, Boomer.

This is one of my favorite posts because it reaffirms a lot of how I feel about parenting and being present.

And, lastly, this one is a message for all moms...

Why don't you see what the rest of the bloggers are doing on the November Blogathon hosted at the Mrs. and the Momma.  

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Paula Kaye said...

The very last one really hit home with me today...I had to pull out the Kleenex box. But then I find that I am doing that a lot lately. Every time I am in the car it seems a song comes on the radio that makes me have to pull over and wait for the tears to pass so that I can see again. Thanks for this beautiful post today April