Monday, November 17, 2014

Snob Central

The topic du jour is to tell about your city/hometown...what to do there, little gems, best restaurants, etc.

My home town isn't far from the city where I currently reside.  I grew up in Irving, Texas and currently reside in Keller. The demographics for each are on such polar opposite ends of the spectrum that it's not even fair to mention them collectively in the same sentence. 

Truth be told, however, it's been sad for me to see the city of my youth turn into a low-income, illegal immigrant haven full of crime-ridden sub-par apartment complexes, gangs and instant payday loan outlets.  If you aren't bi-lingual, don't even think about getting a job anywhere on the south side of town because you won't be able to communicate with a good chunk of your clientele.  The neighborhoods where I roamed simply aren't the same anymore.  It's scary.  My high school had a shooting in the hallway a few years after I graduated.  There is a heightened gang activity throughout the city.  It's just sad.  I don't even like to be there anymore.  The city has taken strides to rid itself of the abandoned and condemned complexes.  I believe they are actively trying to change the face of Irving and the stigma for what it has become the last twenty years or so, but I know that it will never be the place where I felt safe to roam the streets from dawn 'til dusk on my bicycle with my best friends, Shannon and Lori.  

Where I currently live is just a stone's throw to what plenty of my south side friends have deemed "snob central."  I say that because I live in a "nice" neighborhood... I live near "nice" schools... people drive "nice" cars... not many people go without... lots and lots of excess.  I live in Keller, but I'm bordering Southlake.  This "area"... is the Botox Barbie headquarters!  Seriously... it simply has to be the plastic surgery capital of Texas!  

So what is there to do here?  Plenty, I suppose.  I mean, there are LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of chain... EVERYTHING around here.  I have a 4 year old and two boys active in scouts and sports which means if I have a free evening, I'm generally in my pajamas reading.  I'm not a crowd person... people make me a little crazy.  Drunks annoy me.  

Keller is nice and quaint... 

Southlake is... posh...  

Don't get me wrong.  

Like I said, both cities have lots to offer.... 

...plenty of shopping (which I don't like doing)

... plenty of eateries (I love my own cooking and with Crohn's it's really not fun eating out much because... well... it just isn't)

... lots of nightlife opportunities (And ya know, I'm not much of a night life person--though I've been told there are some great bars around here.  I don't drink... but even I know where the cougar bar of Southlake is as well as the swingers bar too--GROSS  (You people should be ashamed of yourselves!  Yes.... I know who you are!))

... plenty of outdoor opportunities... hiking, bike trails, equestrian facilities and face it -- we are located smack dab in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex so WHATEVER you want to do... it's around here!

As far as specific recommendations... yeah, I'm not your best bet.  I can find it for you but I prefer to hang with my peeps... keep my social situation on the down low.  It's not my thing to get glammed up in uncomfortable shoes, being around a bunch of people who are drinking far too much and shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car or who spend more time getting ready in one night than I do in an entire week.  I can't pull off fake no matter how hard I try!  Opportunities with friends... I'm game... but with three busy boys, those are few and far between and I have to be choosy!  Typically, fuzzy pajamas, a cup of Earl grey and my kindle win.  Books never let me down!  

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Paula Kaye said...

Not my thing to get glammed up either....take me as I am. I'll never be a Botox Barbie! Loved this!