Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This frightens me...

The topic for today's November Blogathon is to "Put yourself out there and do a vlog about whatever tickles your fancy."

Ya know... I just can't.  Not really because I don't mind being in front of a camera in any degree.... but right now it's 11:00 p.m. and I just got out of the shower.  My hair is in a floppy ponytail atop my head.  My pajamas are on and yeah.... I'm just not gonna do that!

So, we'll go along with the TITLE to this entry and that is "This frightens me..."

Something DID happen today that gave me a true fright.

In true April ADD fashion, I went upstairs to do one thing, got side tracked to another and wound up doing something entirely different altogether.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this.  Lie if you must.  

So, there I was... up to do one task and diverted by another and another.  Ultimately I found myself in my eldest son's room.  I walked into his bathroom to see if he'd flushed.  Don't ask.... it's disgusting but boys are just gross and never flush.  I've resolved they're all mentally challenged.  Therefore, I'm apparently the only fully competent person living in my abode.  Everyone else has apparently been afflicted by the "changing the toilet paper roll will cause brain damage" gene.  I, however, have apparent superpowers because it doesn't render me useless or lazy.  Imagine that!  Has to be genetics...So I walked through the bathroom to glance ot see if he flushed (he had, just so you know) and I saw... THE...CLOSET.  OMG I'm not sure this child HAD a clean pair of underwear!  Lord have MERCY what a mess it was.  So, I was like... ya know.. FUGGIT and I started sorting.  At some point, you just have to intervene.  That kind of cluttery mess drives me bat shit crazy!

Continuing on with the story, I'm mid-sort and the home phone rings.  No biggie, right?  I look for the phone.  Look at the caller ID and think, "Man, that's odd.  How is my number calling me?"  And then that super creepy feeling comes over you and then you realize that THE CALL IS COMING FROM MY HOUSE TO MY HOUSE.  I'm the only one home.  So I did the thing any female home alone would do in this scenario.  I walked out of his room, down the hall to the top of the balcony and called out, "HELLLLLLLOOO???????"

And if you have ever seen a scary movie... the dumb bitch that gets whacked FIRST in the movie has done EXACTLY WHAT I JUST DID.  And then I actually thought - OH MY GOD it's ME.  I'm the dumb bitch!  So I walked back to Josh's closet and got a knife from his rather extensive knife collection and walked downstairs.  The dogs weren't even reactive so I realized I had nothing to fear.  So, I left the gate open and the little two came back with me to Josh's room.  

I came to my senses a little and was like -- I need PROOF.  I snapped a screen shot of the Caller ID Screen so I had proof

Things like this... and many other unexplained things happen in my home on a regular basis.  Possibly a post for another time but I thought the tie in was too perfect since I didn't want to vlog today... 

Why don't you take pause, contempate and then put yourself out there as well. Maybe you'll see what similar crazy randomness you have in common with the rest of the bloggers who have set forth on the November Blogathon hosted at the Mrs. and the Momma.  #NovemberBlogathon

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Paula Kaye said...

OMG did you ever figure that out?? It would have scared me too. Harley and I were just talking tonight about how women are when they get scared. Instead of hiding we go looking for whatever is scaring us. And yes, I know what you mean about boys and flushing. Drives me crazy too. Especially if I don't find it until the next day. Ewwwwwww just ewwww!!